You Reject Me?

Mystique Larken Is the Bad ass of the school, she has all the boys in the palm of her hands. She is a rogue but the alpha has eyes for her so he allows her to stay on his land. She doesn't trust anyone and is in no hurry to find her mate.
Kent Dux is the nerd that is invisible, He is the beta of the Landing pack and has a huge family. The have loads of money an all Kent has to do is get good grades to get his father’s business when he graduates high school/College. He has been in love with Clare Tanners since he could remember, but she has always had eyes for the alpha. This year he has a plan to win her heart.
What happens when they meet for the first time and both their plans are crushed as they lock eyes on each other? Will they be able to survive the love triangle going on, or maybe the secrets that put everyone around Mystique in danger including herself.

This Idea and Book Belongs to Me and McKenzie Fox. Please respect that and read on!


3. This Blows

Chapter 3-This blows


I couldn’t believe this was happening, why me?! My mate that rejects me happens to be the Beta of my second choice! I took a strand of my hair and twirled it around my fingers and looked down at the ground. I couldn’t look at Dux in the eye and my heart was beating a mile per minute. Kyle could feel how uncomfortable I felt and he took me and kissed my head. I felt the blood run to my face and I giggled awkwardly.


"Okay well I’m going to take Misty to the dance floor, Dux I’ll see you later." He called back to Dux as he pulled me to the mesh of body’s. I couldn't help but look back at him, at my handsome mate, and what I saw made me think twice about running out of that empty classroom. His Body was shaking with anger, hands contorted into a fist, face red and emotionless, but his eyes held anger, betrayal, and hatred. I almost turned back and went to him, but then Clare Tanners, his dream mate comes up and wraps her lanky arms around my mate. He is still staring at me when she kisses him, it feels like my insides were twisting and a fire was ferociously tugging at my shattered heart. I turn my head to realize that Kyle has been talking to me this whole time, guilt flows into my body and I give him this big smile that shows him I’m paying attention now.


I really do try and listen to him, but he likes to ramble on and on about some non-existing things or the human history. He is always so fascinated by the humans and that’s what I love the most about Kyle, he doesn't look down on them, he treats them like equals. I can't say that I don't love Kyle cause I would be lying, but it’s just not the way that he wants. I have known him since sixth grade, that’s when we had are first class together and the day his interest in me started. He has been there for me ever since and is basically my best friend.


A tune starts to play and I pull my head off his chest and look into his gorgeous blue eyes with my mouth wide open. He is smiling at me as he watches as I tear up, happy tears of course. "We Party" by The Holdup is the song that played when he was trying to get me to smile after a long night of cry’s.




The cemetery was filled with sorrow on the rainy night of June 1st 2013. I was crouched down in the mud right in front of my family’s grave, today at school I got into a fight with this girl who made fun of me and talked bad about my family. I was drenched in water and rain drops kept coming and they weren’t going to stop anytime soon. I had three white roses and held them so tight that the thorns broke the skin and I was bleeding, I placed them in front of each grave. Sobbing I rolled back onto my butt and put my head in my hands, "I miss you so much"


"Misty! Misty are you here! Mis-" I turn to see Kyle running toward me and with his wolf speed he is right next to me in mere seconds. He scoops me up in his arms and holds me close while rocking back and forth. I cling to him like his my life support and at the time he was. "Oh God Misty your hands, we need to get you out of the rain." He runs toward his car and places me gently inside, strapping me in and kisses me on the forehead. Driving toward his house he kept glancing at me making sure I wouldn't disappear.


In his bedroom I sit on his bed while he goes to grab some towels, taking this chance I look around his room. Dark blue walls and black carpet, he has band posters all over his room. Green day, all-American rejects, three days grace, Korn, Chevelle, The Holdup, etc. I couldn't help but walk over to The Holdup poster and touch it, I've heard one of these songs at a party once.


"You like The Holdup?" He asks with a smile on this face. He wraps a towel around me and holds me out at arm’s reach. "You want to hear some songs?" I nod and sit back down on the bed feeling a bit awkward. He puts his iPhone on the speaker and plays "We Party". Turning around he looks at me and his eyebrow moves up. Taking my hands he pulls me up and he starts moving to the music, his broad shoulders moving back and forth while he leans back. His hands are on mine and its making me move in the same movement as he is. Taking one hand out of his he spins me around and finally a smile lights up on my face and I start to giggle.


"Yes!" he fist-pumps the air "I got you to smile" He hugs me and right then we became best friends.


**End of Flashback**


I pull him into the middle of the dance floor and we start screaming the words while laughing and dancing like buffoons. {I'm Not Typing lyrics cause that takes too much time, I'm just going to post the song on the side.} I soak up as much happiness as I can get because I have a feeling that the next year is going to be an emotional roller-coaster, but as long as long as I have Kyle I’ll be okay.


When the song ends I lean over toward Kyle and tell him I'll be right back. Rushing off toward the bathroom I turn the corner when a thin pale hand grabs my arm and pulls me against the wall. Staring into the cold eyes of Claire Tanners, the royal bitch.


"You need to stay away from Kyle he's mine!" She whispers in my ear while digging her hands into my arms. I push her back and I know my eyes flash red.


Holding up three fingers I walk closer toward her. "One" My pointer finger stays up "You can't tell me what to do. Two" My middle finger goes up "You have a nice boyfriend out there. And Three." My ring finger goes up "Don't Ever, Ever, Touch me again." My pointer and ring finger go down leaving my middle finger up giving her the flying and proud bird.


I walk away from the bitch when I hear screams everywhere, that’s when I see it.






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