You Reject Me?

Mystique Larken Is the Bad ass of the school, she has all the boys in the palm of her hands. She is a rogue but the alpha has eyes for her so he allows her to stay on his land. She doesn't trust anyone and is in no hurry to find her mate.
Kent Dux is the nerd that is invisible, He is the beta of the Landing pack and has a huge family. The have loads of money an all Kent has to do is get good grades to get his father’s business when he graduates high school/College. He has been in love with Clare Tanners since he could remember, but she has always had eyes for the alpha. This year he has a plan to win her heart.
What happens when they meet for the first time and both their plans are crushed as they lock eyes on each other? Will they be able to survive the love triangle going on, or maybe the secrets that put everyone around Mystique in danger including herself.

This Idea and Book Belongs to Me and McKenzie Fox. Please respect that and read on!


1. Kyle: Mr. Alpha

Chapter 1

Walking into Lands High School is always the same, people stare. Girls glare, boys gawk and I just hold my head up high. Whore, slut, freak, wannabe, bitch, etc. it's always the same. Everyone judges me for who I am, but no one has the balls to come and ask me who I really am. They all have me figured out, the girl who has it all, who gets the guys, who has the money, who has the golden family, and just doesn't give a dame what anyone thinks of her. The truth... is more brutal than they can imagine. Perfect family, I laugh at that, more like perfect me. It's just me, it's always just me. You can never trust anyone but yourself, I have been a rouge werewolf since I can remember. I work my ass off to pay to survive; I have nice clothes because instead of  going to Forever 21 and H&M I'm picking things from the thrift shop and fix them up myself. I have an old rusty 1980 Ford F-250 Pickup Truck that found on the side of the road. I fixed it up and it's as good as new, or as new as it can get. I live everywhere, which can also be seen as in my truck. The teachers gave me a key to the locker room so I can shower and get dressed there. There are thick woods behind the school and I park my car there so if I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I can just run over to the back door of the school and into the lockers. I might be a sort of bad-ass but the teachers know I would never do anything to vandalize theschool since I practically lived there.

Sure I get the guys but that's because I like to get around, sure it might be slutty but that's all Iknew how to do to get what I want. And every guy I sleep with is of use to me in some way or another. I could run out of money and have no food, they could have a sister and I need lady bathroom needs the next week, I could run out of soap and need a shower, etc., but that's how I get what I need. Sure people can judged me and what they have right about me, I don't give a flying fuck what people think. When I graduate I'm out of here and no one can stop me.

My wolf disagrees with me in man things, like having sex with guys and not being in a pack. She says it easier to find your mate when you're in a pack, but I truly am in no hurry to find my mate. Having to be tied down to someone sounds horrifying, to trust someone so much that you can't live without them seems so bizarre that it gives me a headache when I think about it.

Today was different in Landing Florida, it was calmer as if the world was standing still and holding its breath. Stepping out of my truck I grab my clothes bag and then started heading toured the school. It was 5 am and not even the birds were singing; my wolf was on high alert. I practically ran to the school, being a female rouge was dangerous and the male rouges like to be rough and "play" when the find one on rare occasions. The Landing Pack only allows me to stay on their land because the future Alpha has a crush on me, why don't I go out with him if he likes me? Well Alphas are very possessive, and he is already possessive but imagine if we were actually going out. Plus I want to be free not tied down to a pack, so that option is out.

I unlock the door quickly strip before getting in the shower. The water streams down my tan and curvy skin and my dirty blonde hair is quickly drenched with the warm water and the dirt that coats my body is scrubbed off. The flowery sent fills my nose and I relax my tense shoulders. I worked until 1am this morning and got up at five, not eight hours but it was better than last night, I got back at three and woke up at five... that was painful. Reaching out for my black towel and shaking my hair out so it's not dripping all over the floor. I dry my body off and rap the fluffy towel around my bare body, walking over to my bag I grab my clothes and put on my skater skirt and Black Crop top with a pure white wolf on it with the words 'Freedom' written in crimson red across the top. I sit on the floor and tie my Combat Boots. I blow dry my hair and put it in a fishtail braid, making my Wolf tattoo on my back show a little bit. I have no other accessories because the rest is just baggage.

I throw the bag in the passenger seat, and put my keys in the ignition and drive over to the parking lot. I thump Imagine Dragons and eat my muffin that my last flavor of the day's mother had made me and gave me two boxes full of muffins. I was very grateful and thanked her, I don't know how she knew but she figured out that I don't have a great diet. People started to flow in and I observed the little things people did when they were happy, sad, nervous. Then Kyle's car pulled up and I quickly turned my head and put my sunglasses on hoping that he doesn't see me. But with a slight glance his way, I see him with a flock of people, boys and girls, surrounding him like he is The God. I grown inwardly and try to hold in my eye roll as he leans on my car and puts his muscular arms on the window ledge, giving me a full view of his biceps. His blue eyes could make the sky jealous and I have to admit, he is very handsome. I just close my eyes and focus my attention on the music. That is until I feel fingers on my face and then my hair; I lightly flinched back but hid it by turning my face away and looking at him as if scolding a child.

"You can look but never touch Kyle." He gives me an award winning smile that could make girls weak in the knees, except me because I am just that good. I grab my bag and open my door making him stumble backward but catches himself before he makes a fool out of himself. I start for the school and walking ahead of him and maybe he would get the hint, but that has never happened before so of course 5... 4.... 3... 2.... and...

Hands encircle my waist and his sent fills my senses, rain, he smells like right before a thunder storm. "What if I want to touch?" He whispered in my ear and tightened his grip on my waist. Even though I said I didn't want him, I really did want him. I loved the feeling of his arms around me, holding me, protecting me from everything. I knew that we had some type of connection or bond and it scared me to think bout it. He turns me quickly around and looks me square in the eyes.

His blue seas were filled with determination and something else that I have never seen before. He pulls out a box that looks like it has some expensive earrings or ring in it and I start to get a little nervous.

As I eye him he slowly gets on one knee and my eyes go wide with anticipation and fear. "Mystique Larken, Misty, Will you do me the honor of being my date to the OCABP." I looked at him with eyes as wide as saucers and saw that he had a little fear in them. I was speechless and I couldn't even say no. He opened the box then and in it was a slip of paper. He pulled out a red pen and handed me the peace of paper. On it read Will you?

Yes or No? It was simple but I loved it. I grabbed it and circled the Yes. He picked me up and spun me around then kissed me on the cheek. I Blushed and told him to put me down, then I brushed myself off and poked him in the chest, his rock hard chest might I add.

"Now look here pretty boy, this does not mean we are going out of anything so don't act like we are." I gave him a stern look and he quickly nodded, so happy he almost jumped up and down right there. I shook my head smiling. I turn around walk to my first period class with all the guys looking like they wished to be Kyle and all the girls glaring at me. "See you later babe!" He yelled after me, I could almost imagine his smirk. I looked down and felt a small smile creep onto my face and I looked down actually excited for this event.



Hey guys I am starting a new book and i really like this one, I know it's going to go far. Please comment and Vote. I hopefully will post one chapter a week and maybe if it is popular twice a week. I Hope this is long, if not tell me. And tell me what you think of it so far.

Love all of you!

~Kenzie <3

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