Dramione and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione knows Draco for four years now and denying her feelings for him is useless. Together, they grow strong but Draco wants to introduce her to his world. Will she stay with him for love or choose her best friends over him? After all friendship is more important and Draco could as well just work her and her friends, right?

**All the people to this book and the places belong to the one and only, lovely J.K.Rowling. I owe my childhood to her.**


25. The Freaking Suspense

The Freaking Suspense


I woke up in the morning, feeling rather relaxed, than stressed. Soon I realized why, Draco's letter would arrive in the morning post today, our only mean of communication at the moment. I stood up and got dressed, looking for Ginny, whoms bed was empty already. I sighed heavily, how could she always be up so early? I jumped down the stairs, entered the common room and found Ginny waiting for me. 

"Morning Mione.", she welcomed me and stood up.

"Morning.", I replied and left the common room with her.

We sat down, opposite to Fred and George, whom were awake, surprising enough.

"Are you expecting a letter?", they asked me in unison and Ginny giggled nervously, probably also keen on hearing my answer.

"Yes.", I responded and smiled widely.


The owls entered the same time as Ron and Harry did. It took me about five minutes, to realize that there wasn't a letter for me. No letter from Draco. No letter telling me, he's fine. My smile faded and my bad mood continued to spoil the others day until the afternoon, when Gryffindor won the Quidditch match. My mood didn't improve, nevertheless the others weren't caring about me anymore. They were just celebrating their victory and I left for my dormitory, waiting for the day to end and the next to begin. Trying to soothe myself, I played with the ring, Draco had given me, tears running down my cheeks. However, I had promised myself to never cry myself to sleep, so in order to end the day on a happier note, I reminded myself that tomorrow would be a whole new day. I smiled into the emptiness of the room, not knowing that no letter would arrive the next morning either.

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