Dramione and the Order of the Phoenix

Hermione knows Draco for four years now and denying her feelings for him is useless. Together, they grow strong but Draco wants to introduce her to his world. Will she stay with him for love or choose her best friends over him? After all friendship is more important and Draco could as well just work her and her friends, right?

**All the people to this book and the places belong to the one and only, lovely J.K.Rowling. I owe my childhood to her.**


38. Friends



It became harder and harder, to be around Ginny, Harry and Ron, knowing that Ron was the only chance I had left.

"Ron, we need to speak!", I told him and pulled him aside, after he left Potions.

"I don't even want to know. The more I know, the worse it gets.", he replied and tried shaking my hand off his wrist.

"You don't understand. You have to know.", I explained and tightened my grip.

Harry exited the classroom but luckily he rushed up the stairs already, probably assuming we had left for dinner already.

"Ron, I did something terrible but I don't regret it.", I told him and slowly shoved my shirtsleeve up, so he could see the Dark Mark.

His eyes widened in horror.

"You-you are a Death Eater?", he gasped and gently stroke the mark and I nodded.

"Miss Granger, may you follow me to my office.", Snape requested and I obeyed.

He returned to his classroom and closed the door behind me.



"What did Snape want?", Draco wanted to know, after I had told him about Ron and my conversation.

"He told me to keep the Death Eater membership secret. I shall not tell anybody, who does not necessarily have to know.", I revised our conversation.

"Did you tell him who's idea it was?", he questioned, probably fearing for his high status in front of Lord Voldemort.

"No, of course not. How could I even dare, pushing you into this?". I asked sincerely confused.

"That's why I love you so much.", he told me and attempted to kiss me.

However, I turned him down and pushed his head aside.

"What's that supposed to mean?", I snapped.

"That one of the many reasons I love you, is the fact, that you always defend your friends.", he explained and kissed me.

The urge, to kiss him back was stronger than everything else.

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