Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


5. 5

Chapter 5 : looking

Harry's pov

The minute those words left Louis mouth my whole body froze. My muscles tensed up my breathing stopped my eyes went wide... I stared at him and felt a small smiled creep onto my face, and before I knew it I was jumping on Louis. "We need to go get her!! We need to save her come on!!" I yelled trying to pull him along with me. I felt like a child going to a candy shop, but knowing this was much more serious.

I finally stopped yanking when he didn't move and had his lips pressed in a straight line. "What's wrong?" I asked he sighed "we have to make a plan." He said. My eyes narrowed "yeah. The plan is to go get her!" I yelled feeling all my anger push up and out of me. "No wait... Harry, come look at the signal I got." He said we walked to the computer room and I sat down looking at his computer.

My eyebrows scrunched together and I felt my blood start to boil. The house she's in is down the street. "SHE HAS BEEN THERE THE WHILE TIME AND WE HAVENT KNOWN IT??!!!" I screamed "I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE JUST TO FIND OUT SHE IS THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR!!!" I stood up and punched the wall. My hand instantly started bleeding but I didn't care. "Mate, we have to come up with a plan. This man is obviously smarter than we think. If he's had her there the whole time knowing hat we would be looking for her, then he's obviously not scared that we will find him." Louis said

He's right... We need a plan and possibly a plan B. "Okay... So what's gonna happen?" I asked "right. We-"

Willows pov

It's been 3 months since I've called Harry and he still hasn't come for me. I feel like he doesn't care about me. But the scary thing is, I don't care. I couldn't care less. I'm starting to adjust to my new life. And deep down I'm scared that Tyler is slipping away and willow is still here. I'm so terrified and yet, I don't care.-----------------------

"Leo.. I would like to spend the day with the girls if you do mind." I told Leo 'my husband' or so he tells people. He nodded "okay, I will see you at dinner." He smiled and let me down.

I slowly walked down the steps holding my stomach. Lavender raced to me helping me down the steps "oh, willow! How I've missed you!" She exclaimed wrapping me in a hug once we were down the stairs "and happy 20th birthday!!" She smiled "thanks!" I said smiling

I looked at lily who had a blank expression on her face and she sat on the couch "she still doesn't talk much." Lav said. I nodded "well wanna watch a movie?" I asked "yes!!" Lav exclaimed helping me to the couch before turning on white chicks.

At 5 the girls went to cook and I got up to help "no. You sit." Lav demanded I shook my head "at least let me make lemonade!" I begged she sighed.... "Fineeee" she said pushing me down in a chair and putting lemonade a spoon, sugar, and a vase full of water in front of me. "Here ya go!" She smiled I nodded and started making it.

At 6 Leo came down "hello!!" He smiled he kissed me cheek and sat down. We ate the turkey and mashed potatoes. Then we just sat there talking. And soon Lav got up and pulled a huge cake out of the oven "I made this special for you willow! Happy birthday!" She rambled with a big grin across her face.

I smiled and looked at Leo "happy birthday!" He said "yes, happy b-day." Lily said I smiled softly at her. Then looked at the cake. Lav new I loved fruit and wasn't a sweet person. So she had a chocolate cake with fruit dip covering it, then she piled fruits like kiwi, bananas, blueberries and strawberries all around the cake. I giggled "lavender it's wonderful!" I smiled getting up to hug her. "Thank you!" I say.

We all dig into the cake talking and laughing. We talk about funny things that happen to Leo at work. How his co-worker was carrying a big box and he tripped over his own feet and fell. We all giggled imagining what it looked like. Soon the whole cake was gone and we were all sick. "Wow, I haven't eaten that much in... Well forever!" I said patting my stomach. I felt a kick and I jumped up "oh but baby likes your cake Lav!" I grinned "come here!!" I said yanking lavenders wrist so she got up and put her hand on my stomach.

She felt another kick and she grinned "everybody loves my cooking!" She said matter of factly. I laughed "Leo, feel!" I said. He walked over and put his hand on my stomach. "I don't feel anything." He frowned. "Maybe.. If I took another bite?" I took a small bite of my left over cake and the baby started kicking again. Leo grinned "our baby." He smiled "already beautiful.." He whispered. I nodded smiling.

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