My name is Haley White. I’m 20 years old. I live in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. I attend a Cooking Collage. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I wear glasses or contacts. My best friend Lexi Wood lives across the hall from me and she attends a Beauty Collage, so she can become a beautician and open her own business. She has cherry red hair, blue eyes and has the cutest dimples I have ever seen. My live goal is to open my own bakery/café called the “Icing House”. Lexi and my parents both live in Mullingar and are good friends. Ever since I went to a 5SOS concert with Lexi I’ve been having the same dream about the same boy I ran into. He had Blond hair (brown at the roots), blue dreamy eyes and the cutest Irish accent I ever heard even though I live in Ireland his voice makes me shiver with glee when I hear it in my dreams. It's being going on for a year now. This is where my story begins....


10. Chapter 9.

*Days later*

The boys have found out I could sing. They told Simon and now I’m their opening act. For celebrating the boys are bring me out to dinner to a Chinese Restaurant. I haven’t been there since I was 2. I went to get dressed in a blue knee length dress with black ankle boots and white knee high socks. My hair placed into a ponytail and straightened. We got into the cars and headed to the restaurant.

*Skip the car ride*

We walked into the restaurant and where shown to a round shaped table. I sat beside Harry and Niall. We ordered our drinks and chatted. “Can I get your orders please?” asked the waiter. Zayn asked for the chicken stir fly, Louis and Liam asked for curry, Harry asked for vegetable stir fry and Niall and I asked for chicken in satay sauce. When our food arrived we all started to eat. While I was eating I found it hard to breathe as I ate more my throat was closing. Suddenly I knew what was happening. “Niall…… can you…… get…… my…… purse…… please?” I asked trying to catch my breath. “Are you ok, love” he answered handing me my purse. “No” I replied searching quickly. “Haley what’s wrong?” he asked concerned. I didn’t answer because I was trying to save my breath. I found the pen. Niall looked at me and started to panic. The rest of the boys looked at us then Niall screamed at them saying I was having an allergic reaction. Harry and Liam ran over to me and holding my arms. Louis pulled his phone out and called an ambulance. Zayn helped Niall trying to figure out how to use the pen. When they figured out the pen the placed it on my right arm and pushed down to help me with my breathing. Once they were finished the helping me the paramedics came into the restaurant with a stretcher placed me onto it and connected an oxygen mask over my mouth and I started breathing normally. Niall took hold of my hand. I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes. I was placed into the ambulance with Niall beside me trying not to cry. I heard him say to Liam to follow the ambulance. Then everything went BLACK.


*At the Hospital*


We arrived at the hospital Haley had blacked out. I followed the bed to the room. “Excuse me sir you have to wait outside” said the nurse. “But I need to be with her…… I need to keep her safe…… I promised her dad” I half screamed/cried. Just as I was half crying and screaming the boys came in. “Niall!” screamed Louis. They ran up to me and I broke down in tears. Liam and Zayn put their arms around me and brought me over to the waiting room. “Niall, mate calm down she’s going to be ok” said Harry. “No Harry you don’t understand…… I promised her dad I’d keep her safe” I cried.


Hours Later:

“Is there someone here for a Ms. Haley White?” asked the nurse. “I…I am!” I replied. I woke Liam and Harry up and we all followed the nurse to room 280. We walked into the room to see Haley pale lying on the bed with some wires on her arms. She was half awake. “Haley?” I asked. I walked up to her and sat on the edge of her bed. I just look at her I didn’t know what to do or say. Then something touched my hand. I looked down to see a pale hand with pink painted nails on top of my hand. “Niall…… I love you” said Haley with a smile. “I love you too” I replied. The rest of the boys came up around her and hugged her. 

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