My name is Haley White. I’m 20 years old. I live in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. I attend a Cooking Collage. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I wear glasses or contacts. My best friend Lexi Wood lives across the hall from me and she attends a Beauty Collage, so she can become a beautician and open her own business. She has cherry red hair, blue eyes and has the cutest dimples I have ever seen. My live goal is to open my own bakery/café called the “Icing House”. Lexi and my parents both live in Mullingar and are good friends. Ever since I went to a 5SOS concert with Lexi I’ve been having the same dream about the same boy I ran into. He had Blond hair (brown at the roots), blue dreamy eyes and the cutest Irish accent I ever heard even though I live in Ireland his voice makes me shiver with glee when I hear it in my dreams. It's being going on for a year now. This is where my story begins....


8. Chapter 7. pt2

We placed the bags into our room and walked back into the living room to all the boys sitting on the couch watching “Family Guy”. I left the boys to watch the telly and walked into the kitchen to find what they have to eat. I open the cupboards and the fridges to find them empty. I walk out to the living room to find them all rolling around laughing on the floor. “Emm… Niall?” I asked shyly. “Yes, love” he said thought laughs. “There’s no food so I'm going to the shops” I replied. “I’ll come” he said. “Can we come?” asked Louis pouting. “Sure I guess” I smiled. We walked out to the car park. We each got into different cars. I got into Niall’s car with Liam. Harry and Louis got into Zayn’s car. We drove to the shops and parked. We walked to the shops. I got a trolley and so did Harry. Niall and Liam came with me and Louis and Zayn went with Harry. We walked up and down isles throwing food into the trolley. We placed vegetables, fruit, ice cream, sweets, crisps, drinks. “Haley do you want anything else?” asked Liam. “No I think that’s it” I replied. We walked to the check out the others where there with a trolley full of carrots and junk food! We paid and packed the car with shopping bags. We arrived back at the hotel and unpacked the car and put all the food away (before Niall could eat the food!). “Haley I’m hungry” moaned Niall. “Ok Hun, I’ll make dinner” I replied. I walked into the kitchen and started to make stir fry. “Dinner ready boys” I shouted. All I hear is cheering, feet running and jumping around. I walked into the living/dining room to find the boys waiting for their food. I carried 6 plates into the room and placed them in front of the boys. I sat and started eating my food and drinking some wine. After dinner Liam helped me carry in the dishes and wash them. Afterwards I started baking some chocolate chip cupcakes. When they were finished I iced them and left them on the table for the boys. The boys devoured the cakes within minutes. I came in with a cup of coffee hoping to eat a cake. I sat beside Louis and Niall. I started drinking my coffee when Niall handed me something. I looked down at my hand to find Niall handed me the last cupcake. “Thanks love” I said kissing his cheek.
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