A Untold Secret

Hello, I am Hannah Richardson. Me and my parents told every secret and never kept one away from each other. Like for example, I knew I was adopted. But a year after searching for my real family, I founded out who my real parents were. The one secret they have kept from me. The secret of who my real family is. Read to find out the whole story.


4. Questions

I got out of the car and looked at the door. All 3 of us walked in and you could hear laughter in the back of the restaurant. "I found, Niall." Harry said. That must have been Niall's laugh. We walked back there and all 4 boys looked at me, I tried not to freak out or fangirl. "Who is the girl?" Liam asked. "Meet the youngest child, my sister, Hannah....... Styles." All 4 of the boys looked at me and stared back at Harry.


"Since when was she your sister?" Louis asked. "18 years ago." Harry said and he looked at Gemma. "Let's order some food." She suggested. We sat down and looked at the menus. On one side of the booth was Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn. On my side, was Gemma and Niall. "So tell us the whole story." Zayn said as he looked at me. "Anne and Des couldn't afford me, so I was put up for adoption and 3 months later I was adopted by Mariah and Jack Richardson.17 years later I got interested in who my real family was and it took me a year to find out I was Harry's sister." I said.


"Let's ask Hannah here some questions so we get to know her." Louis said. "Who would you date if he wasn't British, a famous guy?" Louis asked me and I froze to think. "Cody Simpson." I said as I sipped on my smoothie. Now it was Liam's turn. "Are you a directioner? If so, who is your favorite?" Liam asked. "You just asked me two questions." I told him and he just looked at me. "Just answer them." He told me and I rolled my eyes.


"Yes I am a directioner, but before I knew Harry was my brother, he was my favorite." I said and I sipped my smoothie again. "Are you saying that I am not your favorite?" Harry asked. "Having a crush on my brother would be the weirdest thing ever, Harry." I said and everyone was laughing. "There is the answer to your question." I told him. "What is your favorite color?" Zayn asked me. "Any shade of green." I said and Niall smiled.


Now it was Gemma's turn. "Are you a sweet and shy girl or dark and dangerous and you just haven't shown it yet?" She asked. "Sweet and shy girl." I answered. I turned to Niall and he smiled while he tried to think. "Are you a girl that looks for a charming type of boy or a Irish boy?" He asked and we all laughed again. "Both." I said and he beamed in his own smiley way.


"That was fun, maybe we can do that again sometime when Gemma and Hannah come on tour with us." Louis said. Everyone nodded but I didn't. "I am going on tour with you guys?" I asked and Harry smiled. "Of course, I am not going to leave you 2 behind. Besides Hannah, I want you to experience what it is like to be famous because your brother is famous. Gemma can teach you everything that she knows." Harry said and I smiled.



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