A Untold Secret

Hello, I am Hannah Richardson. Me and my parents told every secret and never kept one away from each other. Like for example, I knew I was adopted. But a year after searching for my real family, I founded out who my real parents were. The one secret they have kept from me. The secret of who my real family is. Read to find out the whole story.


3. 18 Years

I sat on the couch next to my siblings and we started talking. "So did you ever get adopted?" Gemma asked me. "Of course. About 3 months after I was put in the adoption center, I was adopted by Mariah and Jack Richardson. So for most of my life, my name has been Hannah Richardson. Now I am thinking about changing it to Styles, again." I said and Gemma seemed so interested in me.


"How long did it take you to find out we were your real family?" Mum asked me. "I became interested about a year ago. I searched the internet almost everyday and I wrote stuff down in a note book. I put the puzzle pieces together and it lead to this." I said. Everyone was so excited to know what has happened to me in the past 18 years.


"How did you react when you discovered that I was your brother?" Harry asked me. "I was freaking out and started crying. I really liked going on this journey to find you guys. Its been truly amazing." I said. The doorbell rang and mum got up to go answer it. She came back with another man. "Who might this be?" I asked. "Des Styles." He said and I smiled at my mum.


"I am Hannah Grace Styles. It's nice to meet you, dad." I said as I stood up. He looked over at mum. "Hannah? It has been...." Dad started to say. "18 years." I said as I beamed and he started crying as he hugged me. "I have always wanted to meet with you again." Dad said. "Are you able to live with us now?" Harry asked. I looked at him for a second. "I just have to let my other parents know." I said and he nodded.


We all sat down. Harry started looking at his phone. "Hey, do my 2 sisters want to go get some lunch?" He asked. "Sure." Me and Gemma said at the same time. "Good. We can go meet up with the boys." He grabbed his beanie and jacket and walked out the door. Gemma did the same and I followed her.


"Who are the boys?" I asked once we got in the car. "The 4 others of One Direction. Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall." Gemma said. "You mean, I am going to meet them at lunch today?" I asked when I started to panic. "Yep. Don't worry, we like girls for who they are. You look perfect, Hannah." Harry said and we all 3 smiled. We parked and I realized that I have to be one of the luckiest fans of One Direction.

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