Enchantment (Open)

Kathy is not normal and it is something that she has come to realise. When her parents send her to a school called Enchantment she goes on a tale of adventure, romance and horror. The schools main colour is black but she loves orange. The schools mascot is a gargoyle but she loves butterfly's will she fit in? Find out in Enchantment.


1. What!

I opened my eyes and realised it was a new day. I still felt a bit odd after my trip to the doctor yesterday my otherwise fine. I trumped down the stairs still rubbing my eyes.

"Morning" I said to my mum and who were now eating their breakfast.

"Good morning" They both said in unison.

I sat down and poured milk on my cornflakes.

"Darling me and your father think this is the time to tell you, now that your 17 you need to be told the truth." Said my mother.

"A long time ago there was a legend that every year a 17 year old teen would turn in to a supernatural creature, that is you" Added my mum.

"WHAT!" I exclaimed. "What am I going to be"

"A-a um" Stuttered my mum. "You will be an vampire"

"Wwww-hat!" I exclaimed.

"That's why we needed to take you to the doctor yesterday" Said dad.

"So to keep you from breaking down emotionally so we need to send you to the Enchantment School."

"How long will I be away?" I asked.

"A year" replied my mum.

"This is all very sudden I said stuttering"

"You go tomorrow" Said my mum. "You might make some friends"

"I guess it could be good to socialise" I said.

"Who knows you might even get a boyfriend" Said my mum giggling.

"Oh stop it" I said. "I told you I've moved on from Justin"

Justin was my ex-boyfriend at high school. We broke up because I found out he cheated on me.

"I guess I should pack this evening" I said.

My head was whizzing. I mean you would be wouldn't you, you've just found out that your a vampire and all. So I put my stuff on the counter and went upstairs to get dressed.

A/N: What do you think? Sorry that this chapter is short but not to worry the next one will be longer 😀😀😀. (BTW: Here is Kathy's photo:


*I might not be able to update on the 22 of July 2014 or the next two days because I will be at my Grans house. I will update as soon as possible though. But not to worry ,why not look at my other stories like Broken.

Thanks 😀 :)

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