1. Chapter One- I'm Your Roomate

My black combat boots hit the hard linoleum flooring of this new Hell hole. A new high school to take over. Just what I needed after getting suspended from my other school.

Students shied away and moved to the sides of the halls that were lined with purple lockers. They all had timid and scared looks on their faces. It was the right thing to do wen you see me, the fact they did it made me smirk.

I turned the corner and walked through the door labeled 'Head Mistress'. The hells a head mistress? Heck if I know, I'm from NYC.

A woman in about her mid 50's greeted me with with a smile. I returned a nod in her direction as I walked past four tattooed and pierced teens.

"What's your name love?" She asked sweetly.

"Jay Masters, I'm the new transfer student from New York." Oh yeah, I failed to mention that got suspended from my other school but I was excepted here.

She nodded and handed me a few papers with information about what days my classes were on and what professors I had. Once she finished explaining everything I gave her a smile and wet outside again.

In case anyone was wondering, I had my bags an other things shipped here about three days ago. My mom insisted we do that so I wouldn't forget anything at home. Or in my brothers words "Mom doesn't want your shit anymore!" We have a love/hate relationship.

I looked down at the paper that the map and my dorm number was on. Alright, Dorm Building 5, only one of two co-ed dorms that you have to request and get approved for.

Making my way towards the building, I slipped on my black Ray Bans and ran a hand through my brown hair. My eyes wandered through the campus around me that I'd surely walk every foot of by the end of the year.

I walked into the cold lounge like lobby and made my way to the elevator. Tapping my foot against the flooring, I slipped the Rah Bans off. When the elevator finally stopped, I made my way to the room at the end of the hall.

I rammed the key into the hole and walked in the room, hearing The Fray blaring through the stereos speakers. With a small smirk I walked all the way into the small room then eating my throat.

A boy with dark brown hair and sea blue eyes looked up at me. His lip and eyebrow were pierced while tattoos lined his arms and peaked out of his black shirt. A small smirk tugged at his lips.

I have him a slightly confused look until he finally broke the silence that we sat in.

"Hey Harry! C'mere!" He called.

Seconds later a curly haired, green eyed boy emerged from the hallway. Tattoos lined his arms as well and torso while lip, eyebrow, and earrings adorned him.

His eyes scanned me up and down until they stood at my face once more.

"Harry Styles, and you are?" He asked.

"Jay Masters." I fixed the jacket on my shoulders. "I'm your roommate,"

Hey babes!!!! This is my first story on here but check me put on Wattpad!!! @Madtay1126 I'll update soon Byee

-Maddi <3

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