The Incubus ~Larry Stylinson

І Ν C U B U S ; An evil spirit that has sexual intercourse with someone while they are sleeping, giving their victim nightmares while impregnating them.

❝I keep having weird dreams...❞

❝What kind of dreams, Louis?❞



Copyright © SS_Larry98


2. Chapted I


Hi! So I just wanted to say that,

1: I didn't write the sm-t scene, someone did it for me.

2: No, I do not believe that incubi are real but I thought it would be fun to write about.

3: The only thing I know about them are what I put in the description so I'm making everything else up as I go along. Hehe!

4: Uhm, so I post on wattpad and I'm still trying to figure this out >_> 

Hope you enjoy!


"Are you ready, Harry?" My father asked me as he stood behind me, his right hand on my shoulder.

I shook off my nerves, letting out a breath I didn't know I was holding in, "Yeah. I'm ready."

He grinned largely, patting my back, "And do you have a woman picked out?"

"A-A man actually," I bit my lip nervously.

"Oh. Well good luck, son," He replied before swiftly turning on his heel and exiting the room.

Today's my 20th birthday, in other words; todays the day I fully become an incubus. My father was one and now I am to be one.

Tonight is when I will take someone to be my victim and get them pregnant with my child.

I sighed as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, my own green eyes staring back at me. The whole red skin, black eyes, tail, and horns are myths. We look just like any human only we have large black wings that we can keep hidden in our skin when needed to go up to earth 

I glanced down at my iPhone that showed the boy I had chosen. Yes, I can see him with my phone, we don't use "crystal balls" or "magic mirrors" or anything stereotypical like that.

The brunette lad was at his desk, typing away at his laptop, his eyebrows knit together in concentration. I knew it would be a while before he went to sleep seeing as how I've been watching him for the past few days to see if he was the right person for the task. Most incubus' love to use sluts, then when they get pregnant they won't really wonder how. I on the other hand was different; I adore the innocent. I don't want someone that's had a hundred different guys, I want someone that's barely had anything.

I just hope that this boy is what I think he's like, otherwise I'm in some deep shit.


My wings fluttered as they contracted, folding up to their usual place behind my should blades.

I quietly pulled the window pane down, closing it tight before tip-toing to the small bed.

I gently sat on top of the white sheets before leaning over to press a soft kiss to the sleeping boys temple.

"So beautiful. So.... So innocent," I whispered, brushing my thumb softly from his tan cheek to his thin, pink lips.

I brought my hand down to pinch his nose, closing his nostrils and blocking him from any air. His body instantly reacted, his lips parting to be able inhale the needed oxygen once again.

I bent down, my mouth forming an 'o' shape as I blew the dark smoke into him.

He coughed slightly as I pulled away, smiling at myself as I realized that I had just claimed him as mine. Mine.

(Warning: sm-t scene about to take place. if you do not want to read it go ahead and skip down to Louis' POV :) )


"Sleep and be conquered by dreams."

Harry watched as the boy beneath him visible relaxed, all muscles fell weak as his facial muscles went lax as to how he was before Harry had touched him. Louis had once again fallen asleep and with the help of the spell he just whispered into the boy's ear, Harry wouldn't worry about Louis waking up anytime soon.

Gently, he trailed his fingers from where they had caressed Louis' hair down to his face, admiring how beautiful he looked, the moonlight seeping in from the open window, from where Harry had just entered, made the boy's tanned skin almost glowing with such radiance, beautifully matched with those pretty blue eyes underneath those closed lids.

His eyes trailed down along with his hand as it moved from Louis' face to his neck and lower to the clothed skin of his chest. Harry dropped from his floating state to straddle Louis' waist, and he used both of his hands to unbutton the pajama top the sleeping boy was wearing. He marveled at the body beneath, beautiful , flawless, exactly how he had seen Louis every single time he followed the boy into his bathtub - though Louis never noticed his presence.

The difference this time was that he got to touch, he got to feel, he got to do a lot more than just watch.

Carelessly discarding Louis' pajama top to the ground, Harry did the one thing incubi are not supposed to do- he placed his lips on Louis'. it was soft, just as how Harry imagined many times before and because Louis was somewhat paralyzed, Harry was able to force his tongue into the boy's mouth, probing and exploring while his hands slipped off the briefs Louis was wearing.

Louis moaned, surprising Harry who opened his eyes to the sound the boy beneath him was making. Louis eyes were still closed, much to Harry's relief, but he was frowning, his eyes moved beneath his closed eyelids and Harry knew- the nightmares must've set in. he knew it wouldn't be pleasant for Louis. nightmares were part of what demons bring to their victims other than their seeds. It was beyond their power,Harry's heart ached knowing that though he was going to receive much pleasure from Louis' body, Louis will receive otherwise.

He opted to make this as quickly and least painful as possible -for Louis.

With one last lick to Louis' bottom lip, he pulled away. Harry lifted Louis' thighs, spreading his legs apart so it'll be easy for him to enter the boy. Louis was nowhere near hard, his d-ck flaccid against the side of his thigh - Harry wished this would be different, where he would pleasure Louis to the brink of his sanity, he would kill to see Louis' face when he reached his high and to hear Louis called his name accompanied with a moan- he wanted it too much.

Using his well salivated index finger, Harry breached Louis, paying careful attention to the boy's face. Louis gasped, his fingers fisting the bed sheet and his face contorted in pain. Feeling that Louis was loose enough, Harry entered another finger and tears sprung out of Louis closed eyelids. With the other hand's fingers still pumping in and out of Louis' tight hole, Harry used his other hand to thumb the tears away.

After three fingers and more crying from Louis, Harry decided that it was time. He positioned himself in between Louis' spread thighs and he helped hook Louis' legs around his back. Louis fit perfectly - and f-ck Harry was madly falling for this boy.

A swift motion and he was in, Louis crying out with the first breach of Harry's member. Harry groaned, it was hard to even enter half of his c-ck in Louis because the blue eyed beauty was just too tight. Harry even managed to argue with his own mind how he made a perfect choice, no woman would feel this tight. It was constricting, almost painful yet pleasurable for Harry that he couldn't help but pause, his eyes shutting because of the intensity. God, he cursed his way in, finally being able ot fit all of him inside Louis until he was hip to hip with him.

"Shh, love," Harry whispered, rubbing Louis' wet cheeks with his thumb and peppering kisses over Louis' face but he knew, it wasn't helping Louis one bit. The boy was having nightmares with real pain all over his body and despite knowing that Louis will forget the pain by morning, he couldn't help but have his heart ripped into two seeing how the one person he wished not to hurt was crying because of the wounds he inflicted.

"It'll be over soon, lovey, bear with me."

Harry made the first thrust and he had to clamp his hand over Louis' mouth because the boy screamed.

There was like this knife in Harry's heart seeing Louis cry and his face in pain while he continued his motives, thrusting in and out of Louis' body. He had to do this, he couldn't back down now, it was too late, his own body was deceiving him, his own body was madly attracted to Louis' that he couldn't stop. Though he wanted to be gentle in his head but oh the pleasure, the tightness, the feel on Louis' skin on his was driving him insane. He wanted more.

With one hand over Louis' mouth, he reached the other to hold Louis' hips, steadying him, keeping him in place as Harry violently plundered into him, his own breathing fastened and heavy. The bed was creaking, the head board was hitting the wall behind him and he, he was drunk on everything that was Louis. He ignored the fact that he was being rough, he ignored the fact that he was hurting the boy because he was just too focus on chasing his high.

"Louis, Louis, Lou, baby," Harry chanted, feeling like he was pushing himself over the edge.

And with one particularly hard thrust, his eyes rolled back from pleasure, his body going spastic as a strangled groan escaped his mouth, Harry released his seed into the boy. Immediately feeling the space within Louis' stretched walls fill with hot fluid. The amount was massive that it began to leak out from Louis.

He fell breathless onto the boy, releasing his hand from over Louis' mouth. Louis' body went lax once more, but he was still crying, still haunted by nightmares Harry could only imagine what. He planted kisses over Louis face and neck while he gently pulled out from the tight heat, immediately regretting it because fuck if it was possible he wanted to be in Louis forever.

Once again, lifting his body so he was straddling Louis, Harry could see a tinge of blood mixed with his semen leaking from Louis' very red, abused hole and immediately, guilt fell upon him like a boulder. Louis was still flaccid, meaning he didn't enjoy what Harry did at all and that was expected, Louis was too busy being ruined by his nightmares that he didn't realise his body had just been violated, any pureness left snatched away from him.

"I'm so sorry, oh, Lou, I'm sorry," Harry whispered, pushing Louis' fringe back, seeing how Louis' face was slowly regaining its peaceful state as the nightmares retreated.

Harry should be out the door, his job was done. He was sure Louis would be pregnant with his child by morning and he should be done with Louis by then. But Harry didn't, he didn't just dress Louis up once again and walk out, he didn't. Instead, Harry placed his head in between Louis' open legs, and began licking the side of Louis' thigh, right next to his hole.

He could hear and audible 'oh' from Louis' mouth and Harry continued his movements. Licking the excess of his seed seeping out of Louis' entrance, tasting himself. his hand wrapped around Louis' flaccid c-ck and began pumping it to life. his free hand held Louis' thigh apart, allowing him to at least show Louis a little gratitude for the most wonderful experience. It was the least he could do - he was going to return Louis the favor.

Louis' hole fluttered as Harry ran his wet tongue over it and he could hear Louis moan out of pleasure. His grip tightened around Louis' member, moving up and down, Harry clasped his lips around Louis' pucker and he began sucking, Louis groaning and gasping - not from pain, but completely the opposite. Harry sucked, using his teeth to gently bite the muscles of Louis' entrance, loving the way it clench and flutters within his mouth.

With his hand increasing it's pace around Louis' c-ck, Louis shoved his tongue into Louis, the boy letting out a squeak.

"Oh, oh, oh," Louis moaned as Harry f-cked him with his tongue while his hand working his way to Louis' orgasm.

Harry loved the feeling, the feel of Louis' muscles around his tongue, constricting just like how he was on his c-ck moments ago and Harry contemplating coming again just to give Louis this, just so he could give him a rim job. The lovely noises Louis was making, the tightness his was feeling around his probing tongue -Harry was hard once more, but ignored him, wanting genuinely to take care of Louis.

And with a gasp and a breathy cry, Louis came in Harry's hands.

He stroked Louis lazily till there was nothing left and he gave Louis' pucker one last kiss and a lick before pulling away, smiling, loving how Louis was putty in his hands.

Harry grabbed the box of tissues from Louis' dresser and began cleaning his mess, cleaning Louis up. He even went to get a flannel so he could wash Louis from his sweat and own cum. Harry then gently put Louis' pajamas back on his body, covering him with the duvet after.

Before he left, Harry gave Louis' one last kiss on the lips, making sure that the boy was no longer in pain and was back to dreaming anything, be it a dreamless sleep, as long as it wasn't nightmares. His feet was heavy and so was his heart but he had to leave, he couldn't wait around till Louis was awake and risk getting caught though he really wished he could. So with one more turn to ensure Louis was asleep soundly, Harry leapt off the ledge Louis' bedroom window and disappeared before dawn.


*Louis' POV*

My eyes shot open when I felt something shaking my shoulder. Is there an earthquake or something?

"Louis!" Someone shouted. Oh.

"Wha-? Niall, what are you doing here?" I groaned, closing my eyes once again and slinging my arm over them to block out the bright light coming in from the window opposite of my bed.

"Are you joking? Do you realize what time it is?" The blond haired lad spoke, sitting on my right leg that was sprawled out carelessly.

I let out a sigh, "No."

"Louis, it's lunch time. Us--"

"What?!" I shrieked, bolting up on my bed quickly but regretted it almost instantly when the room began spinning in front of my eyes.

"Usually you're the first person to get to class so when I didn't see you there today, I figured you weren't feeling well," He explained, slightly glaring at me since I cut him off but his facial expression softened when I looked up at him.

"Thanks, Ni. I'm fine," I assured, rubbing my tired eyes sleepily.

"Really?" He raised an questioning eyebrow, "Because you look like you're about to pass out on me."

I sighed, leaning back and plopping on top of the soft pillows.

He chuckled lightly, "You look like shit, mate."

"Thanks," I muttered, mentally rolling my eyes.

"How about you stay here and rest and I'll come back to check on you later after I'm done with my classes?"

"Thanks, Niall," I yawned, pulling the blanket closer to my body and closing my eyes once again.

"Good night, sleepy head," He whispered.

I felt him lean down and press a soft kiss to my forehead before he went to the window and closed the curtains.

I heard the sound of the door creak closed and it wasn't long until I fell asleep, feeling like shit but figuring I was only ill.


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