In Divergent we really only hear about Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegations way of life. We hear a little about Amity but never really Candor. This fanfiction is about a Divergent girl trying to survive Candor life.


1. Chapter 1

The choosing ceremony was easy. I knew I was going to pick Candor - I live like Candor. I behave like Candor. I am Candor- or am I? The aptitude test said my results were inconclusive. My aptitude was for two factions, Dauntless and Candor. Apparently when your results are inconclusive that means you are a Divergent. Divergents are dangerous that's what Tori my examiner told me anyway. I don't know what Divergents are but I'm going to make it my business to find it out.  I wonder what us Candor initiates are going to have to do to pass initiation. I don't understand why people were crying at the choosing ceremony, if you ask me I think it's stupid childish behaviour. You may think me harsh but Candors always tell the truth no matter what. I'm going to try to fit in with the rest of Candor the best I can. 


I walk down the stairs with the rest of the Candor initiates. The Dauntless are racing down the stairs like a bunch of monkeys. How could anyone think that I could've been Dauntless?  We all walk in silence to the Candor Headquarters. Most Candor born initiates looking confident and other faction born initiates looking excited and nervous. I wasn't nervous. I've been Candor all my life. I always will be. We walk in all the tiles on the floor black and the tiles on the sides white we walk corridor upon corridor some faction born initiates start to whisper, but us Candor born initiates knew best to keep quiet. We all knew the Candor headquarters like the back of my hand we all knew where we were going.  We head in the Conference room. I had only been there twice. 

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