Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


7. Tattooed In An Arrow Heart

-Ace's POV-

There are three things I'm obsessed with, nail polish, hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, and my English teacher. Two out of three of those things are what a doctor would deem a healthy obsession. One of those things isn't quite like the other.

It's been three days since I allowed a blonde teacher to stay in my room. Since I painted his nails. And during those three days I've thought of many things, one of those that stuck out and liked to keep me up at night was Harry. His name loomed in the back of my mind constantly, I knew I needed to tell him. To figure out what to do with him but I kept putting it off.

He had wanted me to come to his new school this weekend. He had texted me yesterday to ask if I had made up my mind on if we could still meet up or not. I came up with some lame excuse that I was swamped in homework. He stupidly believed me.

Harry is unique. He's someone who is too nice. Someone who trusts everyone, which isn't good. He's easy to lie too and I took advantage of it. I'm such a b*tch!

Every day after class I've met with Niall. We've either gone to his place or, if Savannah was out, we went back to the dorm. We haven't done anything other than the occasional blow job or whatnot, I know we've technically done it before but I want our 'first time' to be special. As cliché as that sounds.

But today I had no plans with Niall. Instead I'm sitting in Savannah's small trashed car on the way to a tattoo parlor.

"She said to me, forget what you thought." Savannah screams as she blasts a poorly illegal download of some song by a band I can't name. "Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught!" She finishes. I sigh. If someone's going to download a song illegally why get the worst copy you can find of it? I mean seriously it's one, live, two, they can't sing in my opinion.

"Sorry this copy sucks. They don't have an album out and this is the best version I can find of this song." She sighs turning the music really low just as the screaming begins.

"It's okay. So what tattoo are you going to get?" I ask. I have been so busy with Niall this week I haven't even had the time to ask Savannah what tattoo she was planning on getting. She grins looking at me.

"Well, I love the movie the little mermaid. So I'm getting her silhouette with the words 'Kiss The Girl' below it or above I still need to choose that part." she explains. I nod, sounds like a cool tattoo. I have a few in mind. I don't know which one I'll end up with but I think I'll know once I get to the parlor.

Unfortunately I was wrong. I walked into the parlor, it was dark with the occasional red glowing light here and there. Tattooed bodies filled the walls as were diagrams of piercings you can get here as well. A small couch was placed against the wall for waiting costumers. Savannah and I found our way to the front desk where a man with rubber gloves was just walking out of the back room with another customer.

"I'll be right with you miss" He smiled looking Savannah over thoroughly. He rung up the man before us and thanked him before throwing all his attention at us.

"Hello, how can I help you?" He asked carefully. I chuckled lightly I think he doesn't realize we're both 18. Savannah wasn't quite catching on but she continued none the less.

"I'd like to get a tattoo on my left shoulder" She ordered. The man nodded pulling out a pen and paper first before sighing and looking back to her.

"I'm going to have to ask for your I.D. miss. Sorry, but you don't look your age if you are in fact over 18." He smiled politely. Savannah shrugged, reaching into her purse and pulling out her wallet. She showed the tattoo artist her I.D. before he nodded. She explained to him exactly what she wanted and he drew it out for her on the piece of paper. She clapped happily when it was done.

Then came the harder part actually getting the tattoo. Savannah and I were brought to the back of the store where a black chair sat.

"Please sit in the chair miss" The man, who I found out was named Ernie, asked. Savannah sat down, the nerves looking like they were setting in. She gave me a shaky smile as she took off her top and laid back on the chair. Ernie grabbed a cotton with alcohol on it to clean the area where the tattoo was going to be.

Let's just say Savannah is stronger than she looks. Throughout the entire tattoo she held my hand, squeezing it nearly to death. Once it was finally over and covered with plastic wrap she nodded to me to go. I sighed, I still have no idea what I want, but I think I have some form of a topic. Ernie stood up and we all walked back to the front.

"Gonna need to see ID then we can start drawing up the tat." He smiled. I sighed but pulled out my license. Ernie nodded and we got to work on the tattoo ideas.

"I think I want something with the Cheshire cat, but I also really like an Egyptian eye. I can't choose which one." I sighed. Ernie nodded understandingly.

"Well we can try to combine them, or we can do then separately. One now and one later, it's your choice." He explained. I nodded, I couldn't choose.

"How could we combine them?" I asked skeptically. He grinned turning his full attention to the paper before us and starting on working. (A/N F If you don't like the tattoo I create tough noodles this is my story) I watched as he drew out the Horus eye slowly, leaving room in the middle, he drew it a lot bigger than I had imagined for myself but what he did next made me extremely happy.

Inside the eye, he wrote 'We're All Mad Here' in a spiral. My eyes widened, I loved it. It had the perfect combination of both my ideas. I don't know how he did it but he made me fall in love with his design.

"Yes, most definitely yes." I cheered. He smirked walking us back to the back room. Savannah followed us back in as well.

"So where do you want the tat?" Ernie asked. I sighed shrugging. I have no idea anymore, all ideas I had seemed to fly in one ear and out the other.

"I had originally wanted the eye on my wrist, but I don't think it'll fit anymore since it's quite a bit bigger than I had originally imagined it to be." I laughed, he shook his head saying that I was indeed correct about it not fitting where I would like any longer.

"We could do it on your back, or on your upper arm." He suggested. I nodded thinking that over. I don't really want a tattoo on my back.

"Can we do it above my ankle on my right foot?" I asked, I have no clue what will hurt and if it'll fit but it was worth a shot to ask. He looked at the design and at my ankle and shrugged.

"No, I don't think it'll work there. I think it's best on your arm sorry." He said. nodded and he left to go get everything he needed. He got out another cotton ball that smelled of rubbing alcohol and wiped my arm. I tried not to watch as he got the ink gun ready. I placed the drawing on top of my wet arm, except it wasn't the same drawing as I had thought. He had transferred it to a tracing sheet that left a pale mark on my arm with the design. Then he turned the ink gun on and I held my breath.

I'm going to save you my winces and just gloss over the painful parts of getting a tattoo. Instead let's get to the end when he finished and I was done squeezing the life out of Savannah's hand. She shook the blood back into her hand once we were done and I gawked at my new ink. It was perfect. I loved it.

"There you are" Ernie smiled. I grinned, I didn't know what else to do. It was perfect. We all walked back out to the front where I nearly shat my pants. None other than Harry Styles himself was standing out there smirking at me.

"Hey" He smiled. I didn't know what to say or what to do. All that ran through my head was, I cheated on you and haven't ended it yet. I'm such a chicken.

"Uh, Hey" I waved awkwardly. Savannah glanced at me then back at Harry for a moment before breaking the awkward tension and speaking up.

"I texted him for you saying that we were getting tattoos and that it would be great if he could come down to see it. Since you haven't been able to hangout that much with school." She smiled innocently. I really wish I could tell her what was happening but I can't, it would be the end of Niall's career if anyone found out.

"Thanks" I smiled nicely at her before walking over to Harry and giving him a hug. He smelled like, well, Harry. He smelled safe, like home as well.

"I thought since you've said you've had a lot of homework I would just stop by. Maybe take you to a quick lunch before you headed back to homework." He said softly to me. I smiled looking up into his green eyes, but once I met them I couldn't hold his gaze.

"Sounds, uhm. Yeah. Okay" I muttered. Harry grinned wrapping his arm around my waist. Savannah went over and handed Ernie the money before walking back over to me and Harry.

"Have you ever thought of getting a tongue ring?" Savannah asked. I laughed, she's so random sometimes.

"Yeah. A few times but I don't think I should" I shrugged. Savannah laughed shaking her head then looking back up at Harry.

"Well I think you should. And once you get one, I don't know about him but I've been told they feel pretty good when having...." Savannah made a hand signal as if to say she was sucking a d*ck. I laughed loudly swatting at her playfully.

"We should definitely test that out" Harry winked. I choked. I couldn't take this. After a slight internal battle I came to the conclusion that I would get a tongue piercing. I shrugged walking back over to Ernie who gladly got the piercing needles ready. Harry was the one to come back with us. He held my hand, the entire time I felt sick to my stomach as he softly stroked the back of my hand as the needle pierced my tongue. It didn't hurt that bad.

Once my tongue was pierced I stood up and we all went back to the front where Savannah was sitting. Harry spun me around so that I faced him.

"Let's test this thing out shall we?" He winked. And before I knew it his mouth was covering mine. Just as a bell chimed that someone had walked inside. And of course, with my luck a voice called out for Ernie. A very familiar voice. A voice that had an Irish accent that no one could miss. None other than Niall Horan.

"Hey Ernie! Came to take you to -" He stopped his eyes on me as I stared back at him as my mouth was occupied by Harry's. Well, things just went to sh*t.

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