Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


11. Pretty in Pink

Zayn's POV

I don't know what's worse, walking into a friend that I just made running away from someone or the fact that the someone was a teacher who works at my school. I've recently come across the discovery that Ace Clever is dating her English teacher. I'm not a judging person, she can do what she wants with her life but I hope she realizes the dangers she is putting herself and Mr. Horan in.

As I stood in the living room of Mr. Horan's apartment Savannah comes rushing in. You can see she's already distressed about something and I want to ask but I get the feeling she isn't going to want to talk about it right now.

"Where is Ace?" Savannah asked quickly. Mr. Horan came in soon after her with a confused look in his eyes. He glanced to me as if to access my reaction to this entire situation.

"She's in the bedroom. She hit her head.... Again." Mr. Horan sighs. My brow furrows, what does he mean again? She's hit her head more than once? Is she okay?

"What do you mean again?" I asked interrupting the conversation he was having with Savannah. They both turned to me, Savannah looking very concerned now.

"She bumped her head on her car, that's kind of the whole reason she's here." Mr. Horan admits.

"Is she okay?” Savannah asks. I nod my head with the question burning on my own tongue. Mr. Horan sighs, running his hand through his hair with frustration.

"It’s a long story okay? I think she's fine she seems to just be asleep right now." He says. At this point I'm very confused. Savannah just groans pushing past me and walking into what I'm assuming is the bedroom. My eyes wander to Mr. Horan who looks flustered as he walks past me next. I need to know what's going on so I follow them both.

When I get into the room I do a double take. I didn't understand it why would Mr. Horan do this? Ace isn't just asleep on the bed, no, she’s handcuffed to the bed. And they aren't any ordinary handcuffs, they are pink and fuzzy. What the hell?

Ace's POV

I woke up with an even larger headache than before. But this time around I remember where I am. I just don't know exactly why I'm here. My eyes opened up to find I've been put in the same bedroom as before. I move to bring my arms down but can't. They’re tied to the bed by something. I look up and see pink handcuffs around both of my wrists. At this point I'm confused and scared of what happened and why Niall has pink cuffs.

Just as I look around d the room some more the door opens and in comes Savannah followed by Niall and last but not least is Zayn. I had a feeling Zayn would be here but I don't know why Savannah is here. She rushes over to my bedside her eyes bulging at the outrageous colored cuffs around my arms.

"Ace? Are you alright? “Savannah gasps as she takes in my appearance. I bet I look like shit. I've hit my head twice now and both times I've woken up in Niall's bed.

"Yea, I just have a massive headache now." I joke trying to make the situation lighter but really wishing I wasn't cuffed to the bed. My eyes wander down to the bottom of the bed where Niall is standing. He has a worried expression on his lips meaning he has something on his mind but so does Savannah.

"Anyone care to unlock my arms?” I ask looking directly at Niall. His cheeks turn red before he digs into his pants pocket and pulls out a small key that I'm assuming goes to the cuffs. He walks over to me and carefully unlocks my arms.

"Thanks" I mutter rubbing my wrists and sitting up in bed. My head spins for a moment but I finally get it under control and look to my roommate.

"I need to warn you and Niall about something." She says in an all too serious tone. I have a bad feeling I'm not going to like said news. Niall and I both turn to her with worried looks as she takes a deep breath readying herself to tell us why she’s even here in the first place.

"Louis knows about you two and I think he's going to tell the dean. I went to see him this morning and we got in a... fight and he said he wants to tell someone because he doesn't think its right." She skims over the fight. Note to self ask her if she's okay later.

"Do you think he'll go through with it?" Niall asks finally speaking. Savannah shrugs pain written across her face at the mention of Louis.

"I don't know. I really hope not. I need to go, I'll check in on you later and let you know if I find anything else out. Please stop fighting and try to work this out with him." Savannah eyes me. Before getting up and walking out of the room with a wave.

That left Zayn, Niall, and me. Awkward.

My eyes wandered between the two men standing in front of me. Niall looked worried and Zayn looked pissed off. Savannah had just come with some really bad news and I'm slightly worried about what Niall is thinking and what he's planning on doing about it.

I looker to Zayn and tried to give him the best smile that I could. He nodded at me, I needed a reason for him to leave.

"Zayn?" I called the hummed in response looking to me as if to reassure himself that I'm actually alright.

"Could you go get me some water? I'm starting to get a headache" I asked as sweetly as I could. Zayn turned to Niall for a minute before nodding and sauntering off to the kitchen to find me some water.

Niall watched him leave then turned to me. His eyes told me everything. They told me exactly how he felt about the entire situation. He felt bad.

"Ace..." His voice cracked breaking my heart along with it. No matter how mad I am at him, I could never sit there and watch him cry in front of me.

"Come here" I motioned for him to come sit beside me in the bed. He didn't hesitate. He walked straight over to me and sat beside me. I reached over to him and pulled him into a hug nuzzling my face into his neck.

"I'm so sorry Ace." Niall sighed wrapping me up in his arms. We just sat there for a moment holding one another. I heard Zayn open the door so we broke apart and looked up at him.

"Here's the water. I think I'll leave you guys to talk. Just call if you need me." He said looking straight at me for the last part. I smiled kindly at him and he turned and left. That left me with Niall. We need to talk this out, to make this right. I took a deep breath and got ready to apologies.

"I don't know where to start. I guess I should start by saying I'm sorry for not telling you I have a boyfriend and basically leading you to believe we were together as more than just sex partners." I say. Niall sighs running his hand through his hair and nodding at me. That alone made me feel better. Made me feel like he cared what I had to say.

"It’s not fine. But I do understand." He smiles. I watch as his eyes wander down from my eyes to my lips. They stayed watching my lips as he thought about something. I wanted to know what he was thinking but I thought better of asking and decided to use something physical.

I threw caution to the wind and just leaned in and kissed him. The taste of his lips felt Foreign since I haven't kissed him in so long. It took a moment for him to respond to my lips but eventually he kissed me back.

The same surge of electricity from the first time we kissed coursed through my veins and made me feel alive. I really miss the taste of Niall and the way his lips meshed with mine like a perfect puzzle. After a moment we both pulled away out of breath after the long kiss. He looked down into my blue eyes. Blue on blue, so much alike but yet so different, we have so many things behind us. That didn't stop me from wanting there to be a future, I knew how wrong I was I knew I shouldn't have played Harry and Niall, but l had too. That sounds terrible of me but, I knew in my heart Niall is the one.

"What about Harry" Niall asked. I bit my lip, I was stuck, and I didn't have the guts to break up with Harry. Niall watched me, realization falling upon his paleface.

"Do you want to use him as a cover-up?" he asked trying to find logic in my reasoning. As sad as it is his idea isn't half bad. I shouldn't use him anymore.

"Let's discuss this later then?" Niall tried as he realized I wasn't answering his last question. I was just sitting there in a dazed state of mind. I met his eyes once more, I nodded taking a deep breath.

"Can I at least say you're my secret girlfriend? Even if we have to find people to use as a cover?" He asked sounding hopeful. I smiled at him, he's so adorable. The way his eyes squint when even the smallest of hope crosses his face.

"Niall, you will always have my heart.” I said then I leaned in and locked my lips with his, pushing him over so he was lying flat on his back on the bed. My leg wrapped around his hips and straddled him. He chuckled realizing where this was heading.

"Slow down cowgirl we have all night." He joked making me chuckle. His arm wrapped around my back securing me. Our lips met and began trailing down my neck is hands wandering closer to my butt. I would never get tired of this feeling. The feeling of being in Niall's arms, the way he made me feel so loved. Love, what a confusing word. Wonder if I will ever understand what love really is. I know I loved Harry, I just didn't love him in the correct way.

"Baby? Are you alright? Don't cry. "He said shocking me. I was crying? I didn't even know. I wiped my eyes taking a deep breath trying to control my emotions.

"Sorry. Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just not talk about this stuff. Let's do something else." I stuttered knowing I sounded crazy. But Niall nodded pulling me tighter to his chest and kissing me harder. His lips were soft on mine, they moved slowly but not in a demanding way. Something I very much liked about Niall.

He flipped us over so he was hovering above me. His arms on either side of my head. He leaned down and kissed the Valley on my chest. His eyes never left mine as he slowly peeled off my shirt. Goosebumps rose on my arms as his fingertips trailed down them. No one has ever made me feel this way. I can't believe it's taken until now to realize it. My fingers fight with the button on his jeans he smirks playfully and does the honors of taking them off for me.

His lips kissed my collarbone trailing down my side until he reached the top of my panties. He lightly blew across the top tickling me and making my stomach tighten with anticipation. He knew what he was doing to me, he knew he was teasing. He knew I would get him back. I groaned as he slowly pulled my panties down my thighs then hovering over me once more. His hands found his way between my thighs. Slowly stroking the heat. I gasped as he inserted one finger inside of me. My eyes roll back in pleasure as he stroked me. My hands roamed until they found his boxers, and riper them off allowing his member to spring out.

"Niall..." I moaned. He smirked licking slowly from my navel to my neck. I whimpered just wanting him to f*ck me already.

"I love when you moan my name baby." He says darkly in my ear. His fingers are still touching my wetness. I groan and he chuckles finally sitting up and reaching over me. I watch as he pulls open his nightstand drawer. He gasps

"Sh*t!" He curses turning back to me and looking sad. I give him a confused look.


"I don't have a condom. I forgot to buy some the other day. I'm sorry baby." Niall says looking sad. I shake my head.

"I'm on birth control, don't worry.” I assure him, He looks hesitant but nods repositioning himself over me. I've never had sex without a condom, I'm nervous to know if it'll hurt again but I don't think it will. Niall hovers over me, his lips on mine once more before I feel him fill me completely, the feeling overpowering all my senses and making me gasp.

My eyes rolls back, pleasure coursing through me and making me shake. Niall sucks on my neck, I'll have to yell at him if he leaves any marks. But that's the last thing I'm thinking about at the moment. Niall moves his hips back, snapping them forward. He's good, really good. My legs wrap around his waist as he pounds into me. 

"F*ck. Yes Niall. Please... oh god, don't stop" I pant into his ear. He doesn't stop, he continues setting a rhythm that makes my thighs shake and my head spin. He slows the pace looking deeply into my eyes, it feels like he wants to say something but he keeps his mouth shut. 

His arms reach around to my thighs pulling them off of him and replacing them on his shoulder, changing the angle and driving me crazy. His hand finds its way back between my thighs, rubbing over me and igniting the feeling of pleasure throughout me.

"God, you feel so good Ace" Niall moans, snapping his hips into mine. I gasp nodding and biting my lip. I can't speak, this is all too much. A tightening feeling is beginning to flood my stomach. 

"N-Niall, I'm close." I gasp. He nods slowing his pace and moving my legs so their back around his own waist. 

"Did you want to top tonight?" Niall asks slowly, his lips back on my neck and breathing hot currents down my throat. My head is spinning, I can hardly think straight.

"No, please Niall. Please" I all I can manage to say. He smirks nodding and slamming back into me, sending me over the edge. He rides me through my orgasm pulling out and spurting his hot come on my chest. I scrunch my nose.

"Thanks" I laugh, regaining my breathing. He chuckles shrugging.

"Sorry, I didn't want to take the risk." He explains meaning he didn't want to come inside of me. I shrug pulling him down so he was lying beside me. He puts up one finger and gets up off the bed. My eyes widen following him.

"Where are you -" He laughs walking to the door.

"Relax babe, I'm getting you a towel so you can wipe that up" He says motioning to his chest, referring to mine that is now filled with liquid him. He exits the room naked, his ass waving about, and comes back with a damp towel. He carefully wipes up the left overs and places the towel in the hamper before joining me back in the bed. 

"Thank you." I mutter leaning so my forehead is pressed against his. His blue eyes seem brighter than usual, they always seem more beautiful than mine even if they are the same color. His are just better. He smiles softly kissing my nose and looking into my eyes.

"No problem. I think we need to be more careful about our relationship though babe." He sighs bringing up the original problem. I sigh nodding, he's right. I have to be careful who I tell and we have to be more secretive.

"I don't think Louis is going to tell anyone, I think him and Savannah we're just fighting over something stupid and is trying to use that against her. Just give him and her some time to work out whatever fight they are in. Until then I guess we should pretend like we're just friends. Even though I don't want to be just a friend." I laugh kissing his lips. He chuckles rubbing circles in my hips and kissing me back.

"Yeah, so tomorrow when we have English I have to try not to watch you the entire class." He sighs looking as if that's the hardest thing ever. His hand ran through my black hair slowly.

"I know what you mean Ni, I have to try not to drool on my desk. But I'll be sure to kiss you when we're alone" I say kissing him and shushing him. We lied in the bed for a few more minutes just in silence. We missed each other, I know I still have to deal with Harry. But until I have the balls to do so I don't think I'm going to worry about it.

A few minutes later I hear my phone ringing from the side table. I look over and snatch it up. My eyes glaze over and I see the caller I.D. 

Harry Styles Calling


Oh Sh*t.

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