Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


10. Phone Calls

Niall's POV

Is she alive? I really hope she's alive, I don't know what I would do if she turned up dead. Would I be called a murderer? I don't think so, god I'm not smart enough for this sh*t. I need someone who is intelligent with things like this. Like... Like Liam!

I ran over to where I had left my phone after having carried Ace into my apartment. It's about 9 PM here so it's very early back home in London. I unlocked my phone and scrolled through all my contacts until I came to the one I was looking for. I pressed down on his name and brought the device up to my face.

It rang

And rang

And rang

Finally he picked up. I know it's late but thank god he's a good friend and picks his phone up at 5 in the morning.

"Hello?" A groggy voice calls from the other end. By now I'm in full panic mode trying to remember what to do if someone is dead. As far as I can remember there is nothing you can do. 

"How do you know if someone is dead?" I panted into the phone. Slowly edging into a panic attack. I heard rustling on the other end as if Liam was sitting up in bed trying to thumb over what I had just asked him.

"Who did you kill Ni?" Liam sighed. In any normal circumstance I would have been laughing at Liam even suggesting that I would kill anyone.

"My girlfriend possibly... But it was an accident!" I cried trying not to hyperventilate. Liam went silent, he must have thought I was joking at first but realized how serious I'm being.

"Are you serious?" He asked softly.

"As serious as a heart attack."

"Sh*t Niall! What did you do!?" Liam cursed. I stuttered trying to think of what to do and what to say. I didn't do anything to her she threw her head back and hit it herself. I didn't want it to happen it just, well, kind of happened.

"I didn't do anything! She was crying and well she tried to get away from me and she hit her head on her car door and just kind of slumped in my arms. I don't know if she’s alive or no. Please Li you have to help me!" I tried. I heard him sigh I could nearly see him rubbing his forehead in frustration at me. Something I have come to see for a while now.

"She's probably just passed out. Please tell me you took her somewhere and are watching her to make sure she doesn't have a concussion." Liam asked, his voice thick with fresh worry.

"She's in my bedroom. I can't exactly take her to the hospital because then people would start to question why I was even with her. She's... well, she's not exactly supposed to me with me. In a relationship that's more than teacher student." I sighed just flat out telling him. There's no point in lying to Liam. He would never turn me in. 

As much as he knows this is wrong, he wouldn't hurt me. He trusts me, probably too much, but without him I don't think I would be here today. 

"Niall, I know you think this is going to be okay but I want you to really think about what you are getting yourself into." Liam speaks soothingly. I sigh, he's going all Wise on me. Great.

"I know Li, I know this is bad but you have to trust me on this. We know what we’re doing. You're the first and only person I have told and Ace slipped and told her best friend and roommate. We know what we're doing. Well we did when she didn't hate my guts and we we're communicating. But that's another long story." I skimmed over the sad parts not wanting Liam to hate Ace for what she had done. I know I should be mad at her, but I think I finally understand what happened. I think I finally get why she did what she did.

"What happened?" Liam asked the one question I was hoping he wouldn't but sadly knew he would. I sat down on the couch and started in on the long ass story of Ace and I. By the end of my tale I think Liam finally understood me. Finally understood why I love- 

Do I love her?

Ace's POV

I hate headaches, they make you feel sick and just not yourself. I especially hate waking up to a pounding headache when I know I didn't go out and party the night before. I'm very confused as to why my head is acting as if Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer is using my temple as his drum set.

My eyes had crusted over with sleep, so I must have been asleep for a while now. I sat up looking around the strange room that I was in. I have no idea where I am and the last thing I remember was crying beside my car. This isn't normal. 

My head spun as I sat on the blush bed. As I looked around the tiny bedroom I noticed that the floor was messy and there were no signs of hair products or perfume anywhere. My mind instantly registered it as a male's room. This only added to my worry as to where I am.

As my head stopped spinning I slowly got up from the bed noting I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday. This made me feel a little better. I walked over to the window and slowly pulled back the curtain wincing at the sunlight that hit my eyes.

I looked down and found an oddly familiar car. My car. How did it get here? Wasn't I locked out of it? Wow I'm really confused. I stepped away from the window and made my way to the door. I needed to figure out where I was and hopefully find my keys so I can get the hell out of here. I don't like this. As I walked out of the bedroom and down a small hallway I took note to how messy it was, obviously a man's house and a man without a girlfriend that came over regularly. I hate not knowing where I am or how I got here.

I came out of the hallway and into a living room where there was a couch facing the TV which was facing towards me. I didn't see anyone here. Weird. I walked further out and spotted my car keys in a dish by the door. I made a B-line to them scooping them up and making my way to where I had seen the front door. When I reached it I tried to open it only to be stopped by a familiar accent behind me.

"Ace...." Niall's voice called. My heart skipped at the sound of his voice. Of course I'm in his apartment. Of course I managed to find my way to him when he was the one person I was trying so desperately to get away from. He is my drug and it looks to me like I am addicted.

I slowly turned around trying to shield myself from my own emotions that wanted so badly to just fly into his arms and forget about everything that has happened but my brain knew better. My brain knew that if I were to do that I would only be condemning myself to a constant norm of hiding and never truly being in his arms. Never truly being his one and only.

My blue eyes locked with his blue eyes. His were red rimmed and exhausted looking. I don't really know what has happened but from the looks of him I would say he's been up all night stressing about something. 

"Hi." I mutter thinking over how I can get the hell out of here before he makes me fall for him all over again. I have to stay strong. I have to keep my guard up and not let him break through it again.

"Ace. Please don't go" Niall said, His voice cracking at the end of it. My heart shattered, he looked so broken. So lost. I don't know what to do. All I know is I can't go back to before. 

"I have too" I said turning and running out the door. I could hear Niall chasing after me as I ran out the front and smack into a man. 

"Sh*t what the f*ck man!" A familiar voice shrieked. I looked up to see chocolate brown eyes and raven hair raging before me as hot coffee was now staining his t-shirt.

"Zayn?" I said instantly realizing I juts spilt hot coffee all over him.

"Stop her!" Niall screamed from behind me. My eyes widened but I pushed past Zayn making a mental note to apologize to him next time I saw him. I ran to where I had seen my car through the window praying the door was unlocked still so I could just get in it and drive away. But something grabbed my arm making me trip and hit my head on the cement. Things went black again.

Savannah's POV

I haven't heard from Ace all night or all morning. She didn't come back to the dorm either so I'm just hoping she's with Mr. Horan as much as I hate him right now I know he would never hurt her. He likes her too much to purposely hurt her. Even if he broke her heart in a matter of seconds this whole argument between them is a complete misunderstanding that Ace made. I know I shouldn't blame her but it's her fault for not telling Niall about Harry and ending her relationship with Harry before she began a serious one with Niall.

Sitting in the dorm alone is nerve racking I need to go do something. Get these bad thoughts out of my head. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Louis saying I was stopping by his dorm in a few minutes. He really doesn't care if I don't tell him but I hate to just drop by unannounced. 

He sent back a 'k' when I was finally walking out the door and down to the sidewalk to find my way to the boy’s dorms. The walk is short so I get to Louis' dorm fairly quickly I knock twice and his roommate Ed opens the door. His ginger looks stare back at me as I smile at him.

"Hey Ed, Lou there?" I asked. He simply nods letting me inside. I walk in and find Louis half asleep in his bed. I walk over to his bed and crawl in beside him. He instantly wraps his arms around me and cuddles into my shoulder.

"Hey babe" He murmurs in a thick sleep voice. I love his sleepy voice. I kiss his cheek before settling back down in bed with him.

"Hey. I missed you" I whisper. I can hear Ed sigh and leave. I hate to basically kick him out but I need a distraction and with Ed gone who know what will happen.

"How's Ace?" Louis asked suddenly. I knew he was friends with her but I hadn't expected him to be that concerned. 

"I don't know she never came home last night. I think she's with Mr. Horan though so I think she's alright." I shrug trying to remain calm and not let him see how nervous I really am about this whole situation.

"Yeah..." Louis sighs. I've been with him long enough to know when something isn't right with him. To know when something is truly bothering him and he wants to talk about it but doesn't want to fight.

"What's wrong?" I press. He shrugs trying to ignore the issue at hand. I shake my head annoyed with him. He should just tell me. I open my mouth to protest that he is ignoring me but he opens up finally.

"I don't think we should let Ace do this to herself. I don't trust Mr. Horan at all." Louis states matter-of-factly. My eyes widen. I didn't know he had realized what was going on between them. I thought he believed they were just friends or somehow knew each other outside of school walls. But he cracked the code, he knew what was up and I now realized how dangerous it is.

I laid back thinking over what he had said. I need him to relax, Ace knows what she is doing and she won't get caught as long as we keep our mouths shut. I don't think Louis would say anything.

"She's fine. I don't think he would purposely hurt Ace." I say, Louis stays silent I finally look over at him and he has a disapproving look in his eyes. I don't understand what his problem is.

"You should talk to her or something. I don't like this. It's not right for a teacher to have any sexual relationship with a student. It's morally wrong." He argues. My mouth drops open. Where the hell did that come from?

"What do you mean? They're both adults." I rebuttal. Louis scoffs rolling his eyes at me. I always knew he was sassy but he's never acted like this before.

"Adults? Ace is barely 18, and who knows how old Mr. Horan is. This is gross, Ace should be with someone her age. Like Harry." He says. I don't understand where this is coming from but I have a feeling this is going somewhere no one wants it to go. I have to stop him from telling.

"I think she's mature enough to handle this in any way she wishes and it isn't our say in what she does so just leave it alone Louis." I say making it clear that he should drop the subject and let Ace deal with this on her own.

"I'm not just going to sit here and watch Ace ruin herself and what a perfectly good relationship she had with Harry until some bottle blonde teacher shoved his d*ck in the way." Louis snarled. My eyes widened, he doesn't even know the half of it. He's completely assuming Ace and Harry were happy together before all of this. 

"Louis you really need to get your facts straight before you do this because Ace and Harry didn't have a perfectly good relationship. He cheated on her as well as she cheated on him. You of all people should know that's not a good relationship." I say glaring at him as I stood up.

"Well are relationship works now doesn't it?" He spits. My eyes widen.

"What..." I whisper. Louis' entire demeanor changes as he realizes what he just said. I shake my head running out of the room and out of the boy’s dorms.

"Wait! Savannah!" Louis screams after me as I run away not looking back. I need to find out where Ace is so I can warn her about Louis and what I think he is going to do. I run back to our dorm and pull out my phone crossing my fingers that she's going to answer. 

It rings 



Then finally someone answers but it isn't her. It's Niall.

"Hello?" He answers. I sigh rubbing my temple at least someone answered even if it isn't her I can still ask him and warn him.

"Niall?" I ask

"Yeah. What is it Savannah?" He asks concern laced in his voice now.

"Where's Ace. I need to talk to you two." I ask. He tells me where he lives. I furrow my brow, he lives next to Zayn. That must be how he got to the party when Ace and him first met. Things actually are starting to make sense to me now.

I race out of the dorms checking to be sure Louis didn't actually run all the way here to fix things. Lucky for me when it comes to important things in our relationship he pussy's out and doesn't follow. I jump into my hunk of junk of a car and race down the street to Niall's apartment. Memories of a few weekends ago flood my mind. I have to shake myself of thoughts of Louis. This can't happen right now. There are more important things at steak then my messed up relationship.

I throw my car in park and jump out running up the steps to Niall's apartment. I knocked on the door and Zayn opens it. No times for questions I need to warn them about my idiot of an ex-boyfriend. 


Well this is sh*t

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