Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


2. Never Have I Ever

Hey guys! 

Chapter one woooo okay warning smut, This story will me MATURE so if you don't like it sorry :/ you can probably skip it if you want though :) so enjoy!


-Ace's POV-

The room was a cloud of smoke made from both legal and illegal substances. Harry and I walked inside, I knew instantly this was not the type of scene Harry would be giddy about attending. He was as most would say, a pussy. He hated drinking, hated smoking, and most of all he hated parties. I was shocked he even wanted to attend this one. 

We walked further into the smoke cloud, finally taking in there were at least thirty other people crammed into this tiny apartment. Savannah was in front of me, her hand linked with Louis'. 

"We're going to get a drink, would you two like one?" She asked, her brunette hair swirling around her shoulders as she turned to us. 


"No" Harry said at the same time I said yes. I sighed nodding my head so she knew I wanted one. She gave Harry a confused glance but went on her way to get the drinks. I turned to Harry who had a peeved off look in his eyes. 

"What?" I asked innocently even though I knew what was coming. A lecture on how I shouldn't be drinking at a party like this because who knows what would happen? Well I don't give a sh*t, I like to drink, oh-f*cking-well. 

"You know you shouldn't be drinking." He said his voice ice cold. He crossed his arms over his chest dropping my hand. I sighed shaking my head at him.

"Loosen up. I don't have class tomorrow so I don't have to worry about waking up on time. Just have some fun tonight baby" I cooed. He rolled his emerald eyes sighing loudly. 

"No. If you take a sip of that drink I'm leaving" He muttered nodding to where Savannah was coming back to us with two red cups in her hands. I glared Harry down, my ice blue eyes boring into his head. Savannah came closer handing me the drink. I kept direct eye contact with Harry who rose his brow at me as the cup edged closer and closer to my lips. 

"Ace..." Harry warned lowly. Savannah had walked away with Louis and who knew where they had gone or what they were doing. I took a long gulp out of the cup. Harry shook his head at me before turning on his heels and walking towards the door. I rolled my eyes turning the opposite way and making my way through the sweaty bodies of the house. 

I hadn't noticed before but there was music coming from the living room, so I wandered into it trying to see if I could find Savannah. I hate that Harry does this, he always has I think he always will. He doesn't like doing anything fun. His definition of fun is sitting at home and watching RomComs all day, which is great most of the time, but every once and a while I want to go out and just be a normal teenager and f*ck sh*t up. 

"Ace!" A voice called for me. I turned at the sound of the feminine voice and smiled when I finally found my roommate. She was sitting in a circle with at least four other people. I smiled and walked over to her sitting down beside her. I noticed Louis sat on her other side accompanied by a bottle blonde girl who was nearly sitting on top of a tan skinned dark haired fellow. And beside them was a girl with bright red hair and gauges in her ear. 

"This is Zayn, Kristie, and Lilly." Savannah introduced. I smiled, Kristie was the blonde, and gauges was Lilly. Zayn was obviously the other boy. 

"Hi" They all said. I smiled nodding taking another sip from my cup. Zayn smirked reaching behind him and pulling out a bottle of vodka. I eyed him slowly as he looked over the rest of the group.

"Are we ready to play?" He asked a thick British accent evident. I hate accents, I don't know why. Savannah turned to me with a smirk.

"Have you ever played Never Have I Ever?" She asked. I nodded slowly. I've played it before with a friend back home. She grinned raising a brow at me.

"Want to play again?" 

What the hell? Why not? The group cheered as I nodded eagerly at them. We all placed our cups in the middle of the circle we had made by sitting down on the floor. Zayn poured the clear liquor into the red cups and we started. Kristie was up first.

"Never have I ever.... kissed a girl" Louis chuckled rolling his eyes. My eyes widened, I had once... it was a dare. I slowly reached out and picked up the glass everyone's eyes were wide but Zayn smirked at me, he was actually creeping me out a little. Zayn opened his mouth next, I guess were going in a circle.

"Never have I ever... sucked a boy off" He laughed. Louis burst into laughter as all of us girls took a drink. He purposely did that. I sighed, I was going to be drunk as a skunk fast if they kept this up. Next was Lilly she looked stumped on what to say but then her eyes widened and a grin broke out.

"Never have I ever cheated." Louis' eyes bulged. I eyed them for a moment. Savannah looked sad but it was quickly gone before I could say anything. Louis shamefully took a drink. Everyone was quiet. I wanted to ask but figured I shouldn't. It's my turn next.

"Uh. Never have I ever... done a threesome?" I laughed not really sure what to say. Louis, Zayn and Lilly sighed all reaching for their cups and taking a drink. Savannah rolled her eyes an obvious pissed off look on her face. It was now her turn. 

"Never have I ever bought a se.x toy" I nearly dropped dead. I could totally lie in this game but I'm starting to feel the buzz already so all rational thinking was long gone. I was the first to grab my cup gulping down its contents and burping loudly after. Everyone laughed loudly, I blushed but shrugged. Zayn took his drink still eyeing me. Louis was next but we were interrupted by a group of guys starting a fight. Zayn sighed standing up and walking to them. He got between them pushing them apart.

"Cut it out mate. Fight somewhere else alright?" He spoke calmly. The two glared at one another but nodded. 

"I'm going to get some fresh air alright?" I said to Savannah who nodded turning and glaring at Louis. Something was odd about them but I don't know her well enough to just flat out ask. So i wandered over to where I thought was the door but turned out to be the kitchen area. I sighed deciding I was too tired to move anymore so I plopped down by the bar pouring myself another drink. I looked up, the alcohol in full affect now. I knew if I spoke I would be slurring and I was probably stumbling as I walked but I'm too drunk to notice. 

In front of me a young man stood. His blonde dyed hair pushed up slightly. He was wearing sweats and a white t-shirt. He obviously wasn't planning on going out. I stood up nearly falling on my way. He turned and grabbed my arm as I stumbled slightly. I giggled at him.

"Sorry" I slurred. He laughed shaking his head.

"It's alright. Are you okay?" He asked, I noticed he had bright blue eyes. I nodded getting dizzy from the movement. He chuckled at my drunken state.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked he took a breath looking around before his shoulders slumped and he sighed loudly.

"You know what? F*ck it. Sure" He laughed taking the drink I had originally poured for myself and downing it in one gulp. He laughed grabbing himself more. And this was how it went for the next few hours. Eventually we were so drunk we were laughing and grinding on one another to the music that was playing loudly throughout the house. I didn't even find out his name, but at the moment it didn't matter. All I could feel was the alcohol in my blood and the hormones racing throughout me. 

I turned and faced the blonde man before me, his bright blue eyes looking into mine. I smirked wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughed and continued to dance against me. I could feel him growing more and more turned on by the second as my ass ground against him. 

"You're sexy" He slurred into my ear. I laughed hard, the alcohol fully taking over my senses. I watched as his eyes wandered down my body then flicker to somewhere behind me. A growing feeling in the pit of my stomach pulled me closer to him. 

"Follow me" He nearly purred in my ear. I didn't protest. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall and into a dark room. With a flick of a switch the room was flooded with light. There was a small bed in the center of the room. It was decorated poorly and I know if I wasn't completely sh*t faced I would have realized we were in a man's room. 

The blonde closed the door and a click was heard. He locked the door. The growing feeling of anticipation filled my stomach as he turned to face me once again. He smirked down at me before sauntering over to where I was standing and slipping his muscular arm around my waist. My breath hitched as he lips found mine. My eyes shut and everything, every rational thought, every ounce of self-respect flew out the window. 

His tongue danced against mine as we kissed. He gently pushed against me causing me to drop to the bed that was behind us. My back hit the comforter and he was on top of me. Our lips broke apart, his heavy panting was the only sound heard in the room. I smiled up at him before my hands got to work on ripping off his sweats and out of his boxers. 

His hands trailed down my sides as he pulled off my shirt and unbuttoned my jeans. I was left in only my bra and panties. I was smart enough to wear matching ones tonight. His tongue flew down my body dipping into my belly-button and stopping right at the edge of my panties. He smirked before using his teeth to pull them off and down my legs. Once they were gone his head was back between my thighs. 

I gasped as I felt his tongue press into my core, lapping up my wetness. My hands quickly flew to his hair as he pressed one finger inside me and pressed his tongue to my cl*t. Gasps and moans flew from my lips as he brought me closer and closer to the edge. He slowly fingered me inserting one finger at first then slowly adding a second. My eyes rolled back in pure pleasure as he ate me out.

All too quickly he pulled away, right before my release. I whined in protest as his fingers left me feeling empty. But instantly I knew it wouldn't feel that way for long. He reached down to his sweats pulling his wallet from his pocket and producing a condom. He rolled it on as quickly as he could and situated himself between my legs once more. He hovered over me as he thrust inside. A loud groan fell from both our lips as he set a steady pace. 

"F*ck you're tight babe" He groaned slamming into me. I bit my lip and tried not to scream as his thrusts grew faster. My hands flew to his back scratching down it slowly. He groaned but went faster. My legs wrapped firmly around his hips pushing him further inside, I wanted to feel all of him. 

"F*ck yes, more" I panted. He didn't protest, instead he flipped us over so I was on top now. I smirked, my favorite position, how'd he know? He lied back watching as began to set a new pace. I ground into him, panting at the fullness. His hands went to my waist helping me go up and down on him. I groaned, the feeling of coming to the edge grew nearer than ever. I gasped feeling myself release all over him. He moaned pounding up into me as he climaxed himself, filling the condom and slumping beneath me. 


I yawned rolling off of him and slipping under the covers. My eyes drooped as the feeling of exhaustion took over. I heard a sigh and the bed shift, but I was too tired to look. Instead I let the darkness of sleep take over. 

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