The Girl Who Broke Harry Styles' Heart

Rin Taylor dumped Harry Styles before he auditioned on the X Factor. She broke his heart for her own selfish reasons. Four years later, they meet again in a shop but he leaves annoyed. Later, she admits what happened to her twin sister and her sister goes to talk to him. Then something happens which turns Rin's life around.


1. Chapter 1

No one ever believes me when I say I broke Harry Styles' heart. I guess it's because he's in the biggest boy band that people seem to think I'm lying to get some sort of attention.

I hate attention.

Who wants to be stared at? Definitely not me. I'm the girl that hides in the corner at parties and keeps to themselves.

I never cried at school. Why? I didn't want people to crowd me and ask 'why are you crying? What's wrong?'. Nothing is worse than people crowding around you.

The reason why I dumped Harry Styles was because I knew he would become famous. I didn't want to be known as a pop star's girlfriend. I didn't want paparazzi following me around like lost dogs. I like my privacy, thank you very much.

So, a good month before his X Factor audition, I asked to meet up ...



"I need to talk." I said emotionlessly into the phone. I can't cry. I need to act like I don't care anymore.

"Okay," he replied.

"Meet me at our park in half an hour." I said and hung up after.

I arrived at the park after that, I had to prepare myself. I couldn't break down in front of him.

Exactly on time, he sits next to me on the bench. Scarf round his neck, hands in pockets and a happy smile on his face that I know won't be there when he leaves the park.

"I think we should be friends." I said coldly. "I have found someone else and I'm madly in love with them." The lies spilled out of my mouth as if it was the truth that I was ashamed of.

I watched as the smile disappeared from his face and the tears spill out of his eyes like raindrops from the clouds in the sky.

"What is his name?" He asked curiously.

"Mitchell." I lied smoothly.

"Oh," he gasped. He stood up and walked away without another word.

"I'm sorry." I whispered under my breath."

Flashback over ~

To this day, he still doesn't know that Mitchell is made up.

I don't plan on telling him either. I have no idea if he thinks that I'm still together with my 'boyfriend'.

I run my hand through my brown shoulder-length hair and slip on some shoes. I pull on my blue hoodie and leave the flat (which I share with my twin sister, Ru).

No, we're not identical. Which is a shame, the amount of pranks I could have got away with at school if we were identical.

I know that right now you're thinking 'Ru? What a strange name. The parents must have been drunk.' That's not the case, actually. Ru is short for Haruhi - which is Japanese. I got the cooler name though. I'm Rin - which is also Japanese.

Ru and I, we're the cool kids in our family. My older brother, Ed, got a boring name compared to ours.

I'm Rin Taylor. Uncommon first name (maybe rare) but a common surname. I am twenty. I live in a flat with Ru, she's at uni. I'm the lazy twin. I have a job, but it's part time because I'm too lazy to work every day of the week (who has time for work? Oh right, responsible adults). I swear I'm still a fifteen year old. I haven't changed a bit.

Right now, I'm leaving to work at the shop which is right next to the bakery Harry used to work in before X Factor happened.

Okay, maybe I got the job there on the small chance that Harry went back to the bakery and I was lucky enough to bump into him.

I'll admit, for these past five years (we started going out six years ago, but I didn't fall in love until I was with him for six months. If teens say they're in love when they've been in a relationship for a day they're lying) I have loved him. I still love him, which is why I have been single for the past four years.

I can't date someone while still being madly in love with someone else.

Harry, of course, has moved on. He could get any girl (or boy) if he wanted to.

I walk down the streets to the shop. It's quite busy for a Saturday morning. I don't see how people can be so active so early on in the day. I normally wake up in the afternoon (then again,

I stay up for most of the night because going to bed when everyone else does is too mainstream).

I arrive at the shop at nine AM when my shift starts. I stand behind the till and wait for customers to walk in.

Most Saturdays I'm working on my own, which is pretty boring. I normally chat to the customers if they don't glare at me like I'm crazy.

I grab a newspaper and read it while I wait.

The door opens, and in walks the boy whose heart I broke.

Hair still curly, only pushed back with a bandana and the scarf has been ditched.

Well, shit.

A day when I woke up too late to put on mascara (that's the only makeup I wear, I'm too lazy to put foundation and whatever shit girls put on their faces).

Ugh. Just my luck.

I continue to read the newspaper and act like I didn't care that Harry Styles just walked in to the shop (I do care).

A bottle of Coke and a packet of biscuits is placed on the counter. I place the newspaper down and scan the items.

I look into his eyes and keep my expression neutral. "That will be £3.50, please." I say and he passes me a five-pound note. I put it in the till and pass his change.

"Rin?" He asks suddenly his green eyes full of surprise.

"That's my name. Don't wear it out." I reply and begin reading my newspaper.

"You're still a cold-hearted bitch." He spits, his green eyes cold and narrow and then storms out of the shop. Wow.


Maybe pretending I didn't care who it was wasn't a good idea . . .

Or he's still pissed that I dumped him for an imaginary guy (of course he doesn't know Mitchell isn't real).

I can always pop over to his later and apologise . . .


He hates me. I'm sure of it. If he didn't, we would have stayed friends.

He never called me after that day. I can't say I'm surprised. It was expected.

What was a surprise was how he walked away without calling me names.

The rest of the day drags on like how a day of school drags.

As I'm about to leave I look at my hair and frown at the split ends. I need to get it cut but they always cut too much off and my hair is taking forever to grow.



"You saw Harry today?" Ru asks clearly shocked at what I had previously told her about my encounter at work.

"Isn't that what I just said?" I retort and she glares at me.

Ru and I, we're opposites. She's the perfect child. Perfect grades, perfect behaviour, perfect looks etc. I'm the twin that is always making jokes and irritating people. My grades aren't that great either, to be honest. I don't even have a full-time job.

I like being different though, which Ru finds weird since she thinks that I would follow the crowd as I hate attention and don't want to stand out.

She doesn't understand that I blend perfectly into the crowd. People notice the fake tans, loads of makeup and clothes that reveal too much skin. They don't notice the girl who wears jeans and a hoodie that barely wears any makeup.

"So what happened?" She presses. Wow. I feel like I am being interrogated.

"He bought stuff. Said my name, I replied what I normally reply when someone says my name, he called me a 'cold-hearted bitch' and left." I tell her. "This sounds like an episode from a TV drama . . ."

"Ugh. You always find a way to ruin things!" She snaps and stands up. "I'm going to fix things for you."

"Wait no!" I protest but she's already gone.


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