A Real Rarity

When Rarity overhears Princess Celestia and Princess Luna talking about a rare jewel within the Crystal Empire, she just had to get her hooves on it. But she knew it wouldn't be easy, considering the only jewel of it's kind was deep in the Crystal Palace, protected by King Sombras curses. Rarity just knew he number one baby dragon Spike would have to come along and assist her. But even if they do survive the booby traps and curses, will they get past the ghostly shadow of a pony that guards the jewel itself?


8. One Fearful Door

When they finally got to the bottom of the stairs, Rarity sighed with relief, and began to look around with great interest. She instantly spotted the door with the purple crystal above it. Rarity shouted cheerfully "AHA!" As Rarity walked towards the door it began to move around the walls as it did for Twilight. Rarity growled with frustration as she chased after it, slamming herself into the walls as she cried out "STAY STILL SO I CAN GET MY JEWEL!!!!" Spike waited for Rarity to give up before saying with a laugh "that's not the secret passageway..." Rarity said crossly "well why didn't you say so!" Spike said with a laugh "you didn't ask". Rarity said with a sigh "well then Spike, where is the secret passageway?" Spike laughed as he said "I don't know". Rarity groaned as Spike continued with "but I know that that door led to the Crystal Heart on the roof". Rarity said with excitement "then maybe if I can keep it still, the door may also lead to the jewel!" Rarity cast a spell (while thinking only a little bit like King Sombra) which caused the door to open for her. Before Spike could say 'I doubt it', Rarity had waltzed happily through the open door, except Spike could see clearly that she hadn't. Spike remembered that door all too well. He waited for Rarity, now sat with her eyes glowing green in front of the door to begin crying, for that door led to a ponies worst fear. Rarity had now ran into her shop, the carousel boutique. Rarity looked around herself looking rather confused as she said "h-how in Equestria did I get here?!" With that a news reporter came in to interview her. A crowd of eager Ponyville inhabitants looked in through the window at what was being said. Rarity said with excitement "oh hello there good sir!" The news reporter said "don't good sir me, I'm here to ask you what inspired you to become a dress maker when you are the worst designer I have ever seen". With that he held the microphone to her face. Rarity cried out "the worst dress designer?! I thought I was good! Ponyville think I'm good, and so do my friends!" With that Rarity's friends walked in looking quite angry and aggressive. Rarity said quickly to them all "my friends! You like my dress designs don't you?!" They all shook their heads as they each took it in turns to insult her. Fluttershy said loudly "the worst I've ever seen!", Rainbow Dash said "so uncool!", Applejack said "even I've got more fashion skills than you!", Pinkie Pie said "there is nothing fun about seeing other ponies making a fool of themselves in your dresses!", then Rarity turned to Twilight Sparkle, her last hope. Rarity said slowly, tears beginning to brim in her eyes "Twilight... Do you also hate my dresses?" Twilight nodded with a nasty sneer as she said "I was laughed at when I wore your Gala dress!" Rarity shouted with rage "that never happened! Am I dreaming or something?! Everyone who came to see the fashion show loved my dresses!!!!" Rarity suddenly noticed Spike as she said quietly to him "Spike... I know you love my dresses..." Spike shook his head, looked away from her with disgust as he shouted "NOPE! Your wrong there!" Rarity began to cry out "BUT SPIKE! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED MY DRESSES!!!!" Spike said with rage "NO!!!! I JUST TOLD YOU I DON'T!!!! I NEVER HAVE!!!! AND MORE TO THE POINT, I DON'T LOVE YOU EITHER ANYMORE!!!!" Rarity shouted with tears now streaming down her face "BUT SPIKE!!!!" Spike yelled angrily "BUT WHAT?!?!" Rarity looked down at the ground and said quietly under her breath "but Spike... I had started to love you back..." Spike laughed and sarcastically shouted back "WELL TOUGH! YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE!" With that Spike managed to finally drag Rarity away from the door, he had heard everything she had said to make matters even more embarrassing. Rarity quickly came to as soon as her eyes had left the door. Rarity hugged Spike as she said with relief "OH SPIKE, THANK GOODNESS IT WAS ONLY MY WORST FEAR, AND NOT REALITY!!!!" Spike said nothing as he pretended he didn't hear anything she had said aloud. Rarity cried out through her relieved tears "NOBODY LIKED MY DRESSES, NOT EVEN YOU, AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME ANYMORE!" With that Spike said looking slightly excited "you were upset that I didn't love you anymore?!" Rarity blushed with embarrassment as she tried to change what she had just said with a shy giggle "oh did I really say that, I meant only the dresses upset me, I think..." Spike and Rarity stood trying not to look at one another through the awkward silence. Rarity suddenly said with interest "so... What's your worst fear my brave little Spikey Wikey?" Spike said nervously "I don't wanna talk about it, as I had a bad experience with that door one time already". But Spike didn't have a choice as Rarity closed her eyes tightly, and dragged Spike in front of the open doorway. Before Spike could close his eyes, he found himself being told to leave once again by Twilight, and how she didn't love him anymore. But even though he knew this door was a gateway to his worst fear, he found himself crying in hysterics as if it was really real once again. To make matters worse he then ran outside to try and confide in Rarity. He said lovingly "at least I still have you? I've come to pick you up for our first date my dear sweet Rarity". With that Rarity said sickly "I was only joking about that... Now I've got the Crystal Eye I don't need to pretend to love you anymore, so leave me alone!" Spike began to cry even more as he said sadly "you lied to me?! But I thought you really loved me back!" Rarity said nastily "nope! Never have, and never will!" Spike said sadly "but were still friends right?" Rarity sneered and said "friends?! We never were, so why would we be now!?" Spike cried out "NOT EVEN FRIENDS?! BUT RARITY! I LOVE YOU!" The real Rarity now watching Spike crying about being lied to began to feel guilt riding over her. She really was going to let Spike down by using him just to get the jewel. She was just as bad, and was going to make Spikes worst fear come true.
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