What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


6. The Date Part 2

Finally after all the endless pleading the car came to a Holt.

C: Diana, you still can't take the bandanna off but i'll guide you were to go ok

D: Ok

I could hear the drivers door open and shut again and then my door opened.

C: Diana take my hand.

Gosh is this boy stupid I can't bloody take his hand coz I can't see anything

D: Cameron I would love to take but I can't coz I HAVE A BANDANNA AROUND MY EYES

C: Oh yeah sorry

Next thing I felt was my whole body being lifted.

D: Cameron what are you doing 

C: Well i'm carrying you bridal style to your surprise

*Skip the walk*

I felt myself being placed down on my feet finally but don't get me wrong I loved him carrying me but I wanted to walk I have 2 feet for a reason.

C: Diana take your bandanna off

I did as I was told to do and after I did I saw the most beautiful thing ever this :



Really Diana is that the only thing you can say... I'm shocked speechless and amazed you name it

C: Like it?

D: Like it I love it

C: Only the best for an amazing girl

Cameron gently took my hand and guided me to a chair and being a gentleman he is he took the chair out for me to sit on before he went to the other side and sat down.

C: So Daina you hungry?

D: yeah

Cameron got his phone out and began typing away and minutes later 2 men all dressed up in a suit came out and placed a plate with food in front of us and went away.

I was still amazed c'mon which girl wouldn't be

We began eating and talking too I found out so much about about Cameron like his full name is  Cameron Alexander Dallas he was born on Sep. 8 1994 in chino Hills, california, he is 5'9 now and is 18 years old and other stuff too.

C: Well Diana I know you have a crazy obsession with chocolate

D: Hahaha yeah I do

C: Well you will definitely love this dessert then

Then the same 2 men came out and took our dirty old plates and replaced them with the desert... THIS:


D: Chocolate fondant

C: Yeah

I instantly began eating

C: Easy there tiger

I began to blush into a bright red I bet I look like a tomato now

C: Awww is someone blushing

D: Shut up

*After the mean, outside Dianas house*

D: Thanks for an amazing night

C: No problem........... Diana i've been wanting to say this since start of school will you be my girlfriend?


We leaned in for a passionate kiss but only to be interrupted by Jack

J: Dee where where you? and why is Cameron here

I could see the smirk Jacks been having on his face he knows everything

D: Jack i've been on a date and Cameron is my boyfriend

C: Hey dude

J: Hey Man

C: Well i'll see you tomorrow at school Dee, Goodnight 

D: Goodnight

After Cameron drove off I went to my room to change into my pajamas, removed all my makeup and brushed my teeth, as soon as i got into my bed my phone vibrated, I placed it on my charger as soon as I got into my room


And before I knew it I was out like a feature

Hey guys

What do you think?

Do you think I should have Cameron's pov in the next chapter?

Love you

Haleema xxxx

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