What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


7. Telling Dianas Parents

Skip to Friday

Cameron’s pov
Me and Diana have been dating and so far everything’s perfect she still is getting used to me being popular and sitting with the popular crew, but life’s going perfect....

*beep* *beep* *beep*

There goes my alarm god it's already Friday and Diana’s mum and dad will be back today from there business trip, Diana is pretty scared as we will be telling her parents about our relationship. My parents already know and approve of it 100% they accept her like she’s their very own daughter and that’s what I love about her she gets on with people very well. She has great manners, she’s sweet, lovely, and kind the list is endless. I finally stop thinking and get out of bed went to the bathroom did my business and brushed my teeth, as soon as I got out of the bathroom I got a call....

Dee <3

I instantly pick up the phone....
C: hey baby
D: hey love... Can you do me a favour for today
C: babe I can always do a favour for you and yeah sure what is it
D: well as my parents are coming back today could you possibly pick me up for school, Jacks not going school so he needs the car to get them at 2pm
C: sure babe ill drop you off home
D: oh and I was wondering if we could tell them about our relationship as soon as I get home from school u could pop over too and we could tell them together
C: sure I’ll pick u up at 7.40am
D: sure bye baby love you
C: bye love you too

After ending the call I checked the time to see it was 07.15am wow I actually did spend time talking to her oh well

I walked to my walk in wardrobe and decided what I should wear to make a good impression for Dees parents. I finally decided to wear my white t-shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket and my sneakers after sorting my hair out and making it look perfect, grabbing my phone and car keys i headed out my bedroom door and out my front door to my car, hopping in I drove to Dees house

*skip the car ride*

I sent a message to Dee telling her I’m outside and a few minutes later she came out looking as beautiful as ever wearing this:

D: hey your early your lucky I woke up and got dressed as soon as possible
C: sorry baby I couldn’t wait to see you
We leaned in and started to make out for 5 minutes until Dee pulled away
D: babe I would love to carry on but were going to get late
C: fine.....

I drove off to school and. Got there in no time

*skip the school day (it’s the same as always anyway lol)*

We were currently outside Dees house, Dee was shaking nonstop so I kissed her passionately hoping that she would calm down which she did
C: babe don’t worry I’m with you
Diana just nodded not being able to talk, I grabbed her hand walking to her front door but instead of Diana opening the door with a key she knocked strange or what

After a few minutes a lady opened the door she looked like Diana’s mum

(SH - Sannah henry
CH - clayton Henry)

After a few minutes a lady opened the door as she looked at Diana confused

SH: Hey Diana darling how are you? Where’s your house key? And who’s this fine fella doing here?
D: mum I’m fine but me and this fine fella need to tell you and dad something and I can’t be bothered going in my bag to get it out
SH: ok baby girl

Me and Dee walked into the lounge to see Jack and another man there who i presume is her father

SH: babe Dee wants to talk to us
CH: yeah sure have a seat and jack can you go to your room

Jack nodded and walked upstairs

CH: so what do you want to talk about?
D: well mum, dad me and Cameron (looks at Cameron) are dating I’m his girlfriend

Oh no what do you think Clayton and Sannah will say?
Will they accept or reject the fact that Diana’s dating Cameron?
Find out in the next chapter....



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