What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


2. Same class

Diana's pov

On my way to Maths I began to think if Cameron is in the same class, I'm still shaking over the fact that he knows my name like c'mon a popular guy like him knowing a girls name like mine it's still unbelievable and I'm not even popular.

Finally I got to Maths as I walked in I noticed that only a few people were in class, I took my seat at the back right in the corner and checked the clock on the wall and it read. 8.25am we have 5 minutes left till lesson time great (note the sarcasm), I began looking around the class to see who else is in the class as me as my eyes stopped looking when I saw CAMERON DALLAS in the same class as me, he was with his 2 friends oh and did I mention that my older brother Jack is also friends with my crush. Jack must have seen me gawping at him as he looked at me and smirked at me he knew I have a crush on Cameron. I got my phone out of bag and saw I have 3 new messages.


From: Alisha

Hey girl

Hows Maths going? xx

To: Alisha



From: Jack


STOP gawping at Cameron, your making it obvious

To: Jack

Hey its not my fault he's HOT!

I looked up to Jack to see him on his phone laughing. He must have read my message.

From Mum

Hey sweetheart

I just wanted to let you know me and your father won't be home till Friday sorry we just got a call from office saying we have to go on a business trip right now.

 Don't worry I've told Jack too

Love you and see you on Friday xxxx

To: Mum

Hi mum

awww ok thanks for letting us know

I'll see you on Friday then

I love you

After checking my messages and replying back to them I put my phone back into my bag.

*bell rings*

After the bell rang, students began entering the class. Soon after everyone was seated our teacher enters.

"Good morning class, My name is Mr Mahone and i'm your new teacher"

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