What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


20. Jacks crush part 2

Jacks pov

 Right in front of me stood my crush also known as Ashley. She’s my dream girl. Why didn’t Dee tell me she’s coming over too? After snapping out of my day dream i turned to look at Dee, she had a smirk plastered across her face. Then looking at Cameron he looked from me to Ashley over and over again, he seriously is a lost puppy.

 J: hey guys, what brings you guys here?
 D: oh can’t i not see my big b? And you already know that we were going to come

 Diana still had a smirk plastered on her face as she sat on the sofa/couch with Cameron ad Ashley following her. Yeah i knew she was coming over with Cameron but i never knew Ashley would be coming too. Just you wait Dee i will get you back and that’s a promise.

 Ashley still didn’t say a word since she got here i wonder why?

 J: well why don’t you guys make yourself at home whilst i go and talk to Nash

 Without wasting a second i got up and went to the kitchen and found Nash near the stove. That’s odd Nash never cooks weird or what. Something’s up, why isn’t someone telling me?

 N: dude why you here? What’s up?
 J: Ashley’s here too

Nash knew i had a crush on Ashley and he promised not to tell anyone. Instantly Nash stopped what he was doing and walked over to me and sat down by my side.

 N: dude if you want my honest opinion i would ask her out on a date. You love her so why not and she has a right to know how you feel about her before it’s too late.

 Yeah Nash is right i do need to ask her out before some other guy does. Ashley is mine and mine only.

 J: thanks man I’ll ask her

 Getting up i walked to the lounge/living room to find Cameron and Diana talking and Ashley sitting there alone.

 J: umm Ashley could i please talk to you for a second

 Diana stared at me in shock that i just spoke to my crush. Smiling like an idiot she got up and followed me to my room. After reaching to my room, i shut the door behind me and turned to face the girl I’ve been madly in love with.

 J: Ashley Marie Jane could you possibly go on a date with me, tomorrow at 6.30pm?

 After asking Ashley i waited for her to answer me

  Do you think Ashley will answer with a Yes or a no?

 Read the next chapter to find out!


3 more chapters guys

 Love you guys
 Haleema xxx


Btw this is what Ashley looks like



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