Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


5. School

I haven't talked to Luke since the incident that happened on Friday but I have seen Calum, Mikey and Ashton and they talked to me for a bit. They kept trying to figure out why Luke has been mad since he came back home Friday night but I decided to tell them I didn't know because it isn't any of my business and I don't know anything about the situation anyways. I told them I would see them at school on Monday and I plan on doing just that today. 

I look at my outfit I picked out for today and put it on before going into the bathroom and doing my hair and makeup. I decided that I only wanted to do a light fixing of makeup today so i just put on a bit of eyeliner and mascara then put a brush through my hair and called it good. When i was done, I went and got my phone and then over to my full length mirror and took a picture. Another first day of school selfie to add to my collection. I have so many and this has become like a routine for me. 

When I was finished with everything, I grabbed my rue21 combat boots and my bag of stuff I needed and headed out the door. My mom wasn't home so that means I have to walk to the school so I typed in the address of the school and began walking. The gps on my phone said it would take about 10 minutes to walk there.

I was walking up to the front of the school when I heard people yelling my name. I turned around to see who it was and just smiled when I saw Luke, Calum, Ashton and Mikey all running towards me waving and smiling. 

"Hey!" I yelled waving back at al of them.

The didn't even reply to my hello but instead they all tackled me with a big hug- more like Luke gave me a hug then all of the other guys gave me a hug on top of Luke's- not that I am complaining though! Luke gives great hugs!

"Ugh- I can't breathe guys!" I manage to say through all their squeezing.

They all let me go and back up- except Luke. He lets me go and stays standing in front of me.

"I just wanted to say sorry about the other day- It was very rude of me to act that way…" he mumbles scratching the back of his neck as if he is nervous that I won't accept his apology.

"It's fine! It's none of my business on whatever happened between you and her. Whatever happened is in the past," I smile. "You are my friend and you don't need to apologize."

He gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen him give and picked me up in a bear hug and spun me around. I buried my face in his neck and laughed as my arms squeezed around him to hold on.  Finally after a few more spins, he set me down. My arms were still wrapped around his neck and his arms were still wrapped around my waist.

I looked up at him to see he was smiling a flirty half smile and looking back down at me. For a second I swear I saw him start to lean down towards me but Ashton came up behind Luke and patted him on his back.

"Come on mate! Time for the first day of hell- I mean school!" he said.

Luke rolled his eyes and let me go. My hands trailed down off around his neck and into my pockets.

"We better go catch up with the guys and get to class before they come back," he grumbled.

I watched Luke for a second as he dragged his feet towards the front entrance of the school before following closely behind him. I guess having the guys around can be annoying at times. But I am guessing that it is best that nothing happened.


As the school day went on, either Luke, Calum, Mikey or Ashton were in at least one of my classes. Luke was in my English class, my Gym class, my Math class and lunch but lunch doesn't count as a class. In every class that Luke and I had together, I kept trying to steal glances at him but he was all the way across the room- except in English class. In English we got seated right next to each other. But as I tried to steal glances at him, I noticed all the other girls doing the same thing. When he would catch someone stealing a glance at him he would give a fake half smile then turn back away but I never once saw him look back at me. Maybe it's a good thing because him and the guys are my only friends and I don't want to jeopardize that. Plus there are tons of other girls that are like ten times prettier then me.

*Luke's P.O.V*

As I went through all of my classes, I noticed girls staring at me. Probably because Aleisha and I broke up at the the beginning of summer and everybody seemed to be waiting for it. I just don't want Kara finding out about it right now. Kara is a great girl and I like her a lot so far but I can't tell her. All through the day, in the classes we had together, I would catch her trying to steal glances at me thinking I never saw her. What she doesn't know is that I was stealing glances at her all day even when we just passed each other in the hall.

*Kara's P.O.V*

The end of the school day finally came around and that meant it was time for me to walk home. I walked out of the front door of the school and began my walk back home. As I was walking off the school property and onto a normal street, someone jumped out from behind a tree and scared the crap out of me. I let out a little scream, as loud as my tiny self could conjure up, and fell to the ground. My books and everything I was carrying fell to the ground and I looked up and saw Luke doubled over laughing as if this was the funniest thing ever.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I went and picked up my things. Gathering everything that fell and putting them back in my bags before standing up and crossing my arms at Luke. He looked down at me and just immediately started laughing again.

"This isn't funny!" I said sternly. 

Suddenly I felt a trickling down my arm and when I looked down I saw blood running down my arm from my elbow. I put my hand over the open cut and began to walk back in the direction of my house. When Luke saw what happened he practically tackled me picking me up and running in the direction of our houses.

"What are you doing?" I asked shocked.

He looked down at me and smile, "We gotta get you all fixed up! We can't have you running around injured, can we?" he winked.

WIth him carrying me and running, we were back in front of my house within a few minutes. He set me down and I went to grab my key out of my back pocket but Luke beat me to it and grabbed it making my eyes go wide as he just smiled stupidly. He obviously enjoyed that… 

He unlocked the door and I walked in first then him and he shut the door behind me. I dropped my bags and headed to the closest bathroom to clean myself up with Luke following closely behind me. I walked into the bathroom and was about to go into the cupboard for the supplies to clean my cut up but Luke grabbed me up and set me on the counter and did it for me. He found the things needed and set to work on cleaning me up.

"You know I could have done that-"

"Yes, but I wanted to," he protested.

I really didn't know how to respond to that except to smile.

When he finished cleaning and bandaging my scrape he cleaned up the little mess he made and then walked back over to me, "Better?"

I looked up at him and noticed how close he was to me. He was standing with his arms on each side of me leaning over and his face was only about two inches from mine. "B-better-" I stuttered.

He gave me his award winning half smile looking down at my lips then back up at my eyes. My breath picked up slightly due to the fact that my heart was racing about 375 miles per hour at the moment and because of how close he was to me. I looked back at his beautiful eyes and noticed that he was leaning in slowly. Now his lips were just a brush stroke away from mine and our breath was hitting against each others. He went to go in and connect our lips and actually kiss me when-

"Honey! I'm home!" my mom yelled walking in the front door.

Luke backed up, obviously pissed off, and let out an annoyed sigh. I just looked down at my hands.

My mom went walking through the house in search of me and when she found Luke and I in the bathroom, she didn't look too pleased, "What's going on, Kara?"

I looked up at her and gave her a pathetically fake smile, "I fell and cut my elbow and Luke helped me clean it up since he was trying to play around and scared me. That's how I fell." I said looking from my mom to Luke.

He, as well, put on a fake smile and looked at my mom, "Sorry, I just felt that since I was the one who scared her and made her fall and cut her elbow, I should be the one to clean up the cut for her."

This seemed to make my mom happy because all of the sudden her face brightened, "Well thats the nicest thing I have ever heard! I'm Jennifer, Kara's mother!" She said extending her hand for Luke to shake, which he kindly accepted. "You must be the friend that Kara always talks about! Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Oh- no it's okay, I was just about to head back over to my house because the guys are probably waiting for me anyways-"

"Oh, I am sorry dear, I didn't mean to keep you-"

"No, you are fine! I'll just be going, umm, text me?" he said looking back at me.

I nodded my head and gave him a real smile and not the fake one for my mom before he gave me a real smile then left leaving me awkwardly alone with my mom.

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