Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


1. Moving In- Again…

As I dragged the last of my things into my new room from the moving van, I let out a heavy sigh. This whole moving thing is getting really aggravating. I don't understand why my mom feels the need to move every few months. I've been all around America and now she has taken it to a whole new level by moving to a whole new country. Australia of all places too. Moving from state to state is one thing but moving to a whole new country where I know I won't find friends. If I can't find friends anywhere in America then I know I won't be able to find any in freaking Australia.

I let out another sigh as I began to push my dresser into a spot that I thought to be suitable for it to go. Knowing I will probably just move it when I had all my other things set up, I made sure that it was in a spot that would be easy for my to move again.

I walked over to the boxes marked 'Kara's Clothes' and began to unpack them and put them away. I swear I am just gonna go and get rid of some of my clothes because moving every few months and packing and unpacking all this stuff is just getting to be a hassle. Since I'm 18 now, I technically don't have to move around everywhere with my mom but since I can never keep a job anywhere long enough to have any money saved up, I am unable to move out. Not this time though. I am going to get a job- part time of course- and this time, i am not spending a dime of it except for what is needed and the next time my mother decides she wants to up and move, I will be able to just get a small apartment of my own. 

I finished my clothes and decided to take a break. It's about time I ate something anyways. I know that if I do not then my mother will get on my case about how I will get an eating disorder  and blah blah blah. Little does she know that I have already had an eating disorder and gotten help for it. Ever since then I have been completely fine and eat all the time- just never in front of people really. I can't even remember the last time I ate in front of anybody.

I got up from the spot on the floor that I was occupying and walked down to my moms room. which was downstairs next to her office- or that's what she calls it anyways. I have honestly never seen her do anything in her office's. Most people do things like study, write a book or actually work in an office but nope. Not my mom. The only thing I have ever seen her do in them is sit on her laptop and email her friends she has made but then left behind. That's all she seems to do anyways. Go to her new job, come home, do the few things she needs to for work- but in the living room or dining room- then go right back to her office and chat with her friends. That is literally all her life is.

As I walked into her room, I noticed that she was practically finished unpacking and just needed to organize everything. Not surprising because she is used to this. I wish I could be used to it but I am really not. I say I am used to it because most people will think I am crazy if I told them how many times I move then how I am not used to it. I purposely tell myself that this will be the last time I move and that it's where I am going to stay and all that crap- just so I won't get used to the fact that I move pretty much every six months. A part of me is used to it though and I hate it because I always get my hopes up really high about not moving because I begin to like the new place we are at and then I get hurt when my mom drops the bomb that we are moving. 

"Mom?" I say leaning on the side of her door frame and tapping lightly on her door. 

She looks up from whatever she is doing and gives me a small smile, "What's up hun?"

"Oh, I'm hungry- do you have like five bucks so I can just walk up to McDonalds or something?"

She gets up and walks over to her purse pulling out her wallet, "Is a 50 okay? It's all I have and-"

"It's fine. I can just bring you the change-"

"Don't worry about it," she smiles again. "Go explore the city a bit before you come home and finish unpacking."

She hands me the 50 and I look at her like she is crazy, "Mom- you know I'm not a very social person-"

"I didn't say you had to go talking to everyone silly!" she laughs. "Just go out and buy yourself lunch then go find something you like and buy it- come on - my treat?"

I roll my eyes at her attempt at being nice, "Kay well it's not like buying me things is gonna make up for when we have to move, again, in a few months." I reply turning on my heels and back up to my room.

I don't bother to turn and see if I made her upset because I know that within five minutes, she will be fine. I grab my purse from the floor of my stupid new room and then stomp back downstairs and out the front door. I have absolutely no clue where a McDonalds or anything is around here so I guess I am just gonna go and get lost till I find food. As I am walking down my front lawn I look over at the neighbors house because of all the noise and notice four boys, around my age, all sitting on the front porch laughing about something. Not all of them were laughing though. The blonde one was sitting next to a guy with bright green hair and just looking down at his phone. 

As I continued to walk down my front lawn then down the street, I kept looking back and trying to steal glances at the blonde boy. They are all almost out of my sight so I take one last look- bad idea. They all seemed to be looking at me but only the blonde seems to actually be looking at me. I whip my head back around and quicken my pace down the street to avoid any awkward situations. Lucky for me, my mom seemed to move onto a street that was extremely close to the main roads and I was able to find a McDonalds fairly quickly.

I walked in, taking in all the air conditioning, and walking up to the front counter. I stood there for a few seconds before sighing loudly, "Hello?" I yelled towards the back. WIthin seconds a short stubby woman was jogging up to the register.

"Hello!" she said catching her breath from her little jogging session.


"What can I get you?"

"A six piece Chicken McNugget and a medium fries with a large Coke."

She finished typing in my order then smiled back up at me, "Is that it for you miss?"



I dig through my purse and hand her the 50 that my mom gave me. She handed me my large cup while I was waiting for her to hand me my change. When she handed me my change, I stuffed it into my wallet then turned to get my drink then wait for my food. I filled my cup and sat down at a table in the furthest corner of the restaurant. As soon as I sat down thug, my food was finished so I got up and grabbed it then sat back down.

As I was about half way through my meal, a small group of teenage boys came walking making a bunch of commotion. I looked up and noticed that it was the same group of boys who were on the porch on the house next to mine. I let out a huge sigh because I didn't wanna deal with them if they try to talk to me and question why I kept looking back at them- or the blonde guy at least but they don't know that.

I eyes them suspiciously as they ordered their food and drinks. Apparently these guys are regulars too because they had their food within a minute. I wonder why they didn't have to pay either? I didn't see a single one of them pull out money.

I looked back at my food. I had one chicken nugget and my fries left. I grabbed my last chicken nugget and ate it just as the guys went and sat at a table exactly two tables away from me- and it was in the path to get to the trash can and exit. Great, I either get to wait until they leave or I have to pass them and I sure wasn't going to be sitting here bored out of my mind while they all laugh and joke about who knows what.

I sighed grabbing my tray and purse then scooting out of the booth and heading towards the trash can. As I got up and walked past them, they all quieted down a bit and I noticed they all looked at me. I was passing their table and the blonde guy looked up at me just as I look at him and I look away quickly trying to hide the fact that I was blushing. From a distance the blonde was attractive but up-close he was absolutely stunning. Perfect blue eyes, blond hair with the perfect brown, natural, highlights, faire skin and even his lip ring looked amazing.

I dumped my tray then quickly exited the building but not before looking back once more only to see the other three boys looking at me then at the blonde quickly and smiling about something. Bad idea again. I really shouldn't get all fascinated in this boy. He will never know my name, he will never care, he will never approach me and try to talk and I will be moving in a few months anyways… 


I seemed to have found the mall pretty easily because all I had to do was walk down the street some more and there it was. Currently I am in the Pac Sun store and it is honestly quite amazing- and the prices are amazing! So far I have about three whole outfits picked out and still have $10 remaining. Let me tell you, the only thing america seemed to have gotten right was how much their money is worth.

Deciding that I should probably just get what I have so far and call it a day, I walk up to the register and got to pay for my stuff. The guy who was scanning in all of my things was obviously trying to catch my eye but I played it off as if I didn't see. Don't get me wrong, I know that I am pretty but I am defiantly not that pretty. 

Just as I was leaving the store, I noticed that one of my Vans was untied. I bent down to tie it but when I came back up I bumped into somebody and fell right back to the floor dropping all of my things as well.

I let out a small groan and rubbed the back of my head as I sat up and turned to grab my things. I was just about finished grabbing everything when the person I bumped into knelt down and handed me my phone that must have fallen out of my purse. I looked up at the guy and my eyes grew wide. It was the blonde guy… 

"Umm, thanks…" I mumbled grabbing my phone and quickly getting up off the floor.

"No problem," he says smiling before turning back to his group of friends with his hands dug deep into his pockets as if her were too shy or embarrassed to talk to me.

I look at him then look at them and notice they are all smiling at him. Wow, they obviously think he is just going to get some then ditch. Not on my watch buddy.

I turn on my heels and exit the store and then head towards the man entrance to leave and go home. It's not like I have anything else to do besides go home and unpack. I really don't know what else I would do anyways. It's not like I have friends in this town anyways- who am I kidding? I don't honestly have friends what-so-ever.

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