Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


4. Friday

Luke had said if I wanted, I could come over anytime and hang out but I never actually went over anytime this week because I don't feel like him and I are on that level yet. I would feel awkward if I just walked over to hang out with him- Like I said, I don't feel we are on that level yet. And besides- he said we could go up to the mall or something today? I don't wanna get my hopes up too high though. So if he doesn't come by at some point today then I won't get so upset. If he want's to hang out with me- great. If not? I am used to the feeling of being alone. 

As the day went on, I did all the things I would normally do. Get dressed, do makeup, eat, etc. When I had nothing else to do, I went up in my room and laid out on my bed and watched TV. Flipping through the endless channels of nothingness, I became tired with doing nothing and got up and began to unpack my box of wall decorations.  I thought I had unpacked everything a few days ago when I unpacked my box of little knick knacks but then I saw my box of wall decorations and have been putting it off until I had free time- and since Luke didn't seem to be interested in hanging out, like he suggested, I have free time. Technically I had free time all week because school doesn't start till Monday, fist day, but I have just been being really lazy I guess.

Pulling out posters and drawings, my clock, random lights and a few other odds addends to hang up on the wall- I got set to work. It was only after about 10 minutes of me hanging up things and tapping up stuff that I heard a slight knock on my door.

"Come in," I yelled not looking up from what I am doing. "What's up mom?"

"I don't know, your mom told me you were up here," a deep voice from behind me said chuckling.

I snapped my head around and smiled widely when i saw luke standing in my door way awkwardly. "Hey! I thought you didn't wanna hang out!"

"No, I have been trying to get rid of the guys all day- I told you they are always there!"

"Yeah? I have just been hanging up the last of my wall things- I don't know why, it's not likely that my mom will actually stay here. We will probably be moving in a few months again anyways."

"What do you mean?"

"My mom moves around all the time- every six months practically. Six months is actually the longest I have ever lived in one place that I can recall. I don't count my younger years because she didn't move around then."

"When did it start?"

"When I was about 12? I guess? Do you wanna sit down?" I ask pointing to my bed or my desk chair.

He gives me a half smile before walking over to my desk chair and sitting down, "Thank's."

"No problem," I smile before turning and getting myself fixed back on hanging up my bedroom christmas lights. "Soooo, umm- did you have something planned for today or-"

"Well, actually this is going to sound really freaking boring but I still need to go and get my school supplies for this year…"

"Yeah, I do too but that would require me finding a list and asking my mom which school she registered me to and then getting money from her to go but the stuff."

"Well if you don't want to thats fine but my mom said I need to get it done today and the guys wouldn't leave but I told you that we could hang out-"

"No, no- I will talk to my mom as soon as I finish hanging this-" I said struggling to hang up the last part of the lights. I was so darn short I couldn't reach.

All of the sudden I feel luke come up behind me and help me with the light. Grabbing it out of my hand, I swear I felt a little shock run through me but I ignore it, and pinning it up on the wall where I was trying to get it. I turn around slowly and Luke is nearly pressed up against me looking down and smiling.

"Sorry," he mumbled with his smile vanishing and him backing away.

"It's okay- I'll go talk to my mom." I say rushing out of the room and down the stairs to try and find my mom. "Mom!" I yelled through the house.

"Yes?" she yells back from the kitchen.

I walk in and find her unpacking more boxes, "What school did you register me to start at on Monday?"

"Norwest Christian College, why?"

"Because Luke needs to get school supplies today and I need them too but need to get a list of everything needed and what not?"

"You are going school shopping? With a boy? His name is Luke?"

"I am going to if I can get money and the list, yes with a boy and yes his name is Luke. Luke Hemmings if you must know."

"Well- I don't know how I feel about this-"

"Mom, I have never had someone to call a friend. Little kid friends from back when we didn't move, don't count. Luke is my friend that happens to live next door and he is really nice-"

"Okay- okay! Here," she said digging into her pocket till she pulled out her credit card. "Don't get too crazy but have fun. Get what you need, get something to get or whatever and pick out a nice new first day of school outfit, okay?" She asked handing me her card.

I took the card and looked at her like she was crazy, "Do you happen to have a fever? You are never like this and I have so many 'new first day of school outfits' because we move every six months-"

"Just go," She laughed rolling her eyes.

Before she could say anything else, i turned and ran upstairs to see that Luke hadn't moved at all and was still standing awkwardly where I left him.

"My mom gave me her card to get supplies? I'm apparently going to Norway Christian College-"

"That's where I go!"

"Then let's go shopping!"


The rest of the day went by like a cool breeze on a ho summers day. Luke drove us up to the mall and we went shopping for hours! Buying notebooks, pencils, pens, extra paper, a new bag for our stuff, erasers and everything else that we need for the stupid place called school. I was kinda surprised when Luke picked out a ton of things with penguins on it. He defiantly didn't strike me as the penguin loving type. He seems to be more of a tiger or a lion- well- no… I guess he would be more of a penguin type. He is sorta shy and quiet- I am guessing until you get o know him more and he has a beautiful voice and penguins sing apparently!

When we finished shopping, Luke suggested we go get something to eat then go and get ice cream. We had McDonalds for dinner then he decided to show me his favorite little ice ream shop called 'Tina's' and we got ice cream. Luke got cookies and cream and I got raspberry chip. The lady who got us our ice cream and Luke insisted that he pay even though I tried to protest against it. We sat down at a table for two right in the front of the little shop and began to eat our ice cream.

"So, today was fun!" Luke joked sending a wink my way.

I felt my cheeks turn a dark shade of pink as I looked down at my ice cream, "Yeah it was!" I laughed.

"Awe, don't blush!"

"What- No- I-"

"It's okay, it's cute." he said winking at me again.

I giggled like a stupid little girl and continued blushing as I ate my ice cream.

"So, since it is going to be your first day at our school, I have decided that you should hang out with the guys and I when we have the same classes and at lunch," Luke announced taking a big lick from his ice cream.

​"I am so used to going to new schools and just being by myself-"

"Nope, not this time. This time you are gonna hang out with the guys and I-"

"Luke?" a girl asked walking up to our table.

​He look up at the blond girl and immediately his face dropped, "Aleisha" he mumbled looking back down at his ice cream.

"How have you been!?"


"What's wrong?" She asked as her face fell a bit.

"Nothing, Aleisha. I am trying to have some ice cream with my friend Kara. Can you go?" he asked motioning towards me.

Ouch, being called a friend to Luke probably shouldn't have an affect on me considering that's all we are and are gonna be but I guess it did. I looked up at the Aleisha girl and saw she was staring at me with a cold look on her face. I tried to be nice and give her a small, friendly, smile but she just rolled her eyes and turned on her heels.

"You will regret this- and everything else, Luke!" She yelled as she exited the building.

I looked back over at Luke and saw that he was pissed, "Umm, do you just wanna lea-"

"Yeah." he snapped getting up and throwing his ice cream away and walking out to the car.

I sighed and got up doing the same, knowing that this day had been ruined. Whoever Aleisha is, Luke hates her and now she hates me. Great that's just what I need. Someone I have never spoken to, to hate me 

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