Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


10. Day At The Beach

*Luke's P.O.V*

It was 6:45 in the morning and normally I would just be waking up for school and leaving right now but I have been up since 5:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. Kara would be up right about now so I might as well go over and get her.

I grabbed my jacket because it was slightly chilly, as it always is in the mornings, and walked out the door to Kara's house. Her mom left for work at 6 so I don't need to worry about having another awkward conversation with her. As I came up to her door about to knock, it flung wide open and I saw Kara standing there in a loose tank top with a swim top underneath peeking out, black shorts and flip-flops. Her hair was down, as usual, and her face was clear of all makeup. The only thing she was wearing on her face, besides her nose ring, was a huge smile.

I returned the smile and brought her in for a sweet kiss before puling away, "you ready for a day at the beach?"

"I don't know! I have never been to a beach before and it's a bit cold," she giggled.

"It will warm up silly!"

She looked up at me skeptical of if I was telling the truth or not and made me laugh.

"Come on, get your stuff."

"What all do I need?" She asked confused.

"You need to take your backpack just in case your mom comes home, and- okay that's all you need then."


She walked over to the couch and grabbed her backpack then walked back over to me and we headed out to my buddy, Andrews, truck. I opened the passenger side door for her then when she was in I walked over to my side and off we were.


*Kara's P.O.V*

"Kara... Kara, wake up..." Luke whispered softly into my ear as he shook me lightly.

I opened my eyes and smiled because as soon as I could see, Luke was right there. I looked down and noticed I was laid across the trucks bench seat and Luke was laying over me with his arms on each side of me to keep his weight off.

"Why are you on top of me?" I giggled.

"Because it seemed like a more fun way to wake you up," he winked.

"Oh really?"


I rolled my eyes, "are we here?"

"Yep, lets go!"

Luke practically jumped off of me, pulling me up with him, and made me practically fall out of the truck. I couldn't help but laugh as I fell into his chest. He shut the door behind me then took my hand and took off running towards the water.

When we were on the actual beach, Luke took the towels and set the down on the sand as he unrolled the blanket he brought and laid it out. I took the liberty of taking my shoes off as well as my tank top and shorts, leaving me in my swim suit. I noticed look take his shirt off so that he was just in his swim trunks and let me tell you, he was built beautifully.

"Like what you see?" he winked.

"Damn right I do," I teased.

Luke grabbed my hand again and dragged me towards the water but I stopped as soon as we were at the water line.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I've never been in the ocean and it's scary..."

He smiled at me and picked me up bridal style, "Don't worry, I've got you."

I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck as he walked deeper and deeper into the water. He kept walking until the water was to his waist, then he stopped. I looked up at him just to see him looking back down at me obviously wondering if it was okay to put me down. I nodded slightly and slowly he let me down but not once did I ever let go of him. I continued to hold onto him around his neck.


As the day went on, I got used to the water and Luke made me actually enjoy myself. I was able to enjoy the warm water against my skin. We laughed and played in the water. Multiple times, I would run through the water with Luke chasing after me laughing and yelling my name. Or I would swim under the water and jump up behind him onto his back making him topple over into the water with me.

"Luke! We need to go! It's 2 O'Clock!" I yelled from the water line.

He looked back at me and smiled as he came running from out of the water. As his body began to emerge from the water, I couldn't help but notice how good he looked. His abdomen beautifully toned to perfection, a perfect skin tone and the water dripping off of his body didn't help. It only added to the attraction.

"You look so beautiful," he mumbled in my ear as he came and scooped me up into a hug. 

When he set me down, I kept my arms around his neck and brought him down for a kiss. I felt his lips connect with mine as his hands traveled down to my hips where I felt him squeeze. I pressed myself closer to his body and heard Luke groan into the kiss. As Luke  moved his hands to my bum, I scraped my fingers through his hair. I felt Luke's hands continue to move over my body and I knew that this was not something that should be happening on the beach.

"Luke," I whispered breaking the kiss.

He rested his forehead on mine and looked at me, "yeah?"

"We need to go..."

He nodded his head agreeing, "yeah... let's go..."




Hey guys! I know I haven't updated this in awhile but as many of you know, I had my son so I have been busy! I know this is really short and really bad but I have been having really bad writers block but I know you all wanted an update so here it is! I promise the next one will be better!!

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