Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


9. Bonfire

Later on that night all the guys and I went out back to sit but Luke's fire pit to have a bonfire and it was actually pretty fun. Nice and warm as well.

"Okay, Kara, tell me one thing you like about Australia so far?" Calum asked taking a bite of his marshmallow he just toasted. 

"Well, to be honest with you, I don't know because I haven't been to any places except my house, Luke's house, that house the party was at, school, McDonalds and the mall-"

"Really?" Luke intervened quite surprised.

"Yeah, I don't know where I would go."

"What about the beach?" Ashton asked.

"I've never been to a beach actually-"

"What the hell!?" Michael and Calum yelled at the same time.

I looked over at them and simply laughed because the shock on their face was absolutely priceless and actually quite funny.

"Then it's a date." Luke said.

I stopped laughing and looked up at him confused, "What?"

"I'm taking you to the beach tomorrow."

"But we have school?"

"I'm sure the boys wouldn't say anything?" he asked clearing his throat getting the guys attention back.

They all stopped talking and looked at him confused.  

"Right guys? If I take Kara to the beach tomorrow, you won't say anything?" he asked smiling at them.

They all laughed and shook their heads before returning to their own conversation leaving Luke and I to ourselves. I looked up at Luke who was smiling at me.

"How will we get there?" I asked thinking of the first thing that came to my mind.

He gave me his adorable half chuckle before grabbing my hand and standing us up and walking to the patio and leading us up for some privacy, "let me worry about that- but I wanna ask you something?"


"Well, more like have you promise something?"

"Promise you what?"

He turned towards me and looked at me with those piercing blue eyes that I so much adored. I could tell there was something bugging him that he wanted to talk to me about and I so desperately wanted to know what it was.

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes. 

"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.

"This time, can you stay?"

His question took me by surprise and I didn't know how to reply. I stood there holding his hands with my mouth agape. He knows that I have no control on weather I stay or go and here he is asking me to promise him that I will stay.

"Luke- I-"

"I know that you think you can't promise me that because your mom drags you all around but this time you can stay- you are 18 and-well technically in Australia 16 is legal; but you are an adult and you can choose to stay if you choose to and… and I want you too… I need you to stay here with me Kara- I care about you so damn much and when you wouldn't talk to me, I was breaking down and-"

"Luke." I said stopping him.

He stopped looking around like a lost puppy dog and back at me.

"I promise," I smiled.

His worry filled face broke into a huge smile and he picked me up and spun me in an adorable hug. I couldn't help but bury my face in his neck as I laughed. He set me down and my arms were still around his neck and before anybody could disturb us, his lips crashed into mine and he squeezed my body close to his. Almost instantly the kiss deepened as he tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth as his own way of asking for entrance. I am new to this whole thing but I still can figure things out and I figured out him really quickly as I allowed him the dominance he desired. As our mouthes had a little war of their own, Luke's hands had a different intention as they moved down over my butt then to the back of my thighs and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he moved to the brick wall and pressed me unto it. I let my hands scrape though his hair and I heard him moan from the back of his throat. Right as his hands got to the bottom of my shirt, Calum came waltzing up.

"hey, hate to break up your little mahout session but the guys and I don't really wanna see you two have sex-"

Luke tore his lips from mine and I noticed his eyes get huge as he snapped his head towards Calum who was chuckling to himself and walking back to the rest of the guys.

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