Stole my heart💘

He leaned in to kiss me but he was with some one else so I said "bye Zayn" and went inside


1. moving and first day of school


I used to live in Texas but since my mom and dad recently got divorced my mom wanted to move away from him. We moved to Stockton where her family was. I honestly wanted to move because I would always get bullied by everyone at my school but I never told anyone. A week went by and it was time for me to go to the hell hole. Ugh school. I was scared to go because what if the same thing happens here? What if I get bullied here also? I was so nervous. I didn't know anyone here.

I put in a tank top and some pants and straightened my hair. My mom dropped me off. It's my first day and I'm really nervous. I'm walking to the office to get my schedule as I'm walking out some guy bumps into me and I dropped my phone and binder and ll the papers fell out. He says " I'm so sorry are you okay?" . " ugh yes yes I'm fine" I said. I just ran to the office got my schedule then into the restroom because everyone was pointing and laughing at me.

The bell rang so I had to go to first period. I walked to the teacher and said "I'm your new student" then someone said " oh that's the girl that dropped all her stuff" and everyone started laughing I just turned around. The teacher said "oh alright don't be rude she's new, what's your name?" I said "Olivia but call me Chachi" she said "okay everyone her name is Chachi make her feel welcomed." I just smiled "where do I sit?" She pointed to a desk in the back and said "over there by Zayn, raise your hand Zayn" he raised his hand.

Uggghhhhh it was that guy that dropped all my stuff. I walked awkwardly to my desk and he was just starring at me. He said " hey I'm sorry I bumped into you" I said " oh umm it's fine...." and he gave me my things that fell out. he said ''What school do you come from?'' i said ''Texas Middle'' he said ''That's cool. he asked me ''Can i see your schedule?'' i said  ''sure'' he was like ''Man we have all our classes together'' . ''Really ? Oh thank god at least i know somebody'' I said in relief he said ''haha yea''  . . . we were walking to 2nd period together and some girl was just staring at me . i asked Zayn ''Hey do you know her ? She keeps staring at me'' he said ''uhhhh yea she's my ex..'' she came up to me and said ''Why are you with my man?'' I told her ''Oh no you got it all wrong haha, he's just my friend. I'm new'' he said ''Leeah get out of here we're not even together anymore we've been through'' she said '' What you left me for this piece of shit'' I looked at herand said ''Excuse me ? First of all we're not even together he's just my friend and anyone is better than you'' she got mad and swung at me. Since my mom always told me to defend myself, i did. i swung back at her and i got some good punches at her. Then i dropped her to the ground and banged her head on the ground, i got up and said ''I'm done with your thottie ass''

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