Star Wars: Behind The Scenes: Book VI: Movie Posters

The series has reached its end.


4. Teaser Posters

Also known as pre-release or advance posters, "teaser" posters are typically distributed several months before a film's scheduled release date. The Episode I teaser was produced in November 1998 in conjunction with the release of the first theatrical trailer. It shows an omen of Anakin's dark destiny, thus announcing the story that will unfold in the prequel trilogy.

Lucasfilm president of marketing Jim Ward, art directors Scott Erwert and Greg Bell, and copywriter Paul Venables focused on the theme of forbidden love to create the Episode II teaser.

In the fall of 2004, Lucasfilm released the teaser for Episode III. It echoed the Anakin/Vader link from the Episode I teaser with Anakin now bound to the darkness that will consume him.

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