The Hunger Games: After Mockingjay: Book 2

This is the squeal to The Hunger Games After Mockingjay.
I don't own The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins does.
Katniss and Peeta are Mentors now, will they be able to help kids survive or will the kids die because the couldn't be helped?


9. bwhaha

Katniss's POV

It's the night of the interview. We're all still shaken up after the shooting of District 12's designers. The capital left it to Peeta, Haymitch, Effie, and I to do the tributes clothing.

They did good. Very good actually. When we get to the top floor, everybody who is mad at the capital is there, Haymitch quickly ushers us all to the roof. On the roof waiting for us is a hovercraft.

The ride is long and Haymitch won't say anything about the unknown awaiting us. When we finally arrive the sun is rising. I lean into Peeta before we have to get off.

"Welcome to District 14." Haymitch says as we get off.

The first person who greets us is none other than my sister, Primrose Everdeen. "Katniss. It's so good to see you again."




"Died. I know. They used their capital magic and sent me here, where everyone who died at the hands of the capital goes." She steps toward me and hugs me. I hug her harder than I have before. "Katniss, I'm not the only one here." She steps away from me and I see my dad, Rue, Cato, Clove, Foxface, and everyone else that I watched die.

"Katniss." My father says and I run towards him and cling to him like I won't ever see him again, and if I think about it I may never see him again.

"Whose this?" My dad asks pulling away.

"This is my husband, Peeta, my daughter Prim, my other daughter Willow, and my son James. Guys, this is my dad."

"Its nice to meet you Mr. Everdeen." Peeta said shaking his hand.

"Please call me Chris."


"Come on. I'll show you around." Prim says. I take Peeta's hand and we all follow Prim.

Haymitch comes up to us and says "You're still the mockingjay, be careful." He grabs Effie's hand and walks silently.

"Haymitch Abernathy!" Maysilee Donner said running up to him.

"Maysilee?" Haymich says dumbfounded.

"Wait. Are you with Effie?"

"Yes. I thought you were dead."

"All Alcohol is prohibited from this point on." Prim says.

I turn to Haymitch, "you have to give up your alcohol."

"It's 13 all over again." Haymitch mutters.

"Maybe you should quite drinking."

"Maybe you should quite being stubborn."

"I don't think that'll happen." Peeta says.

"Hey uncle Haymitch." Willow says coming up.

"Uncle?" Maysilee asks bewildered.

"We wanted him to feel like he was part of the family." I say.

"Catnip." I turn around and see Gale with a bunch of people from District 12 with burns on them.

"My mom?" He nods.

"My family?" He nods again.

My mom makes her way to the front and hugs me.  "I'm glad your okay." I say.



"Prim? Chris?"

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