Divine Mother

Spirit and Matter the eternal lovers. The inseparable pair. Never born, never perished.


1. Cosmic Dance

The divine thought, the cosmic conscious

creates, sustains, and destroys,

Absolute Essence with none to attribute

spreads out with all attributes- the energy dance of divine mother.


Passive, formless, Supreme Spirit,

active, energetic, intelligent Matter,

the two timeless lovers, the inseparable pair,

never a time they did not exist- never born, never perished.


As Sun and its light,

as fire and its heat,

so, God the Absolute, Mother the Power,

the inter play of spirit and matter.


God the creator, spectator, and player,

spirit present in every particle of matter,

the whole cosmos revolves on wheel of time,

the cosmic dance of eternal love.


The intelligent forces of nature,

the inner traits of good and evil,

beauty and ugliness of all existence,


whole creation an awesome, amazing cosmic dance of sub atoms.


Shiva's dance- beautiful and fierce,

Krishna's flute- sweet notes soul stirring,

vibrate, pulsate, and portray

the eternal rhythmic energy- the source of all movement.


Pure and malicious,

kind and cruel,

God and demon, dual in nature,

man- half dark and half light.


Life from its very source,

moves and journeys through all layers,

the many shaded matter rises high

back in the blissful fold of pure Absolute.


The close communion,

and the life changes,

our world shifts,

compassion rules, Mother's love triumphs.


The trials and tribulations,

grief and misery,

man tested in life,

rises from low to high.


Time and place, good and evil,

beauty and ugly, peace and terror,

the ever changing parts in never changing whole,

the eternal picture of one totality- The Essence.


Awareness of the cosmic cycle,

perception of unity in diversity,

ensures safe sail on calm waters,

confusion drowns in dark ocean.


Hope and faith in our prayers,

trust in our infinite wholeness,

clear of all negativity,

liberation of soul from gross to subtle- the divine whole.





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