Just a fake smile

I was board so I decided to write this. No hate it's not real.

*actual blurb*
Hi I'm louis. You know me from 1d. I always smile but don't be fooled by it. Sometimes things aren't as they seem


10. chapter 9

No one slept tonight we all so excited and nervous to see if we are going home or going through to the live shows.

This was the most nerve recking experience we've ever been in. We've got this thought in the back of our head that we're going to get a no and we don't want that.

The next morning we got up next morning and packed. Then we waited for the results. This is so cool we are one step away from being famous get in there.

Finally the moment of truth. Simon told us that we are unique and different but all so young and then he said the answer we've been waiting for for ages and now it's happened we're through to the live shows.

Hi guys hope you like it so far. I'll update later xx

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