Just a fake smile

I was board so I decided to write this. No hate it's not real.

*actual blurb*
Hi I'm louis. You know me from 1d. I always smile but don't be fooled by it. Sometimes things aren't as they seem


6. chapter 5

When I turned seventeen I auditioned for the X factor. I told no one I was going in for the audition. I was so nervous cause I thought this could be my one shot out of this life and into a new one.

I sat nervously waiting for my number to be called out and finally it did. I stood up and walked over. I was shaking so much. Not knowing what the result would be was my worst fear.

I walked out on stage and stood on the X.

"Hello and what's your name?" Simon said

"I'm Louis Tomlinson" I replied

"How old are you louis" Simon asked

"Seventeen"I said

"Ok when your ready" simon said

I started to sing and then all of a sudden my fear went. I felt like it was just me on my own evan though I was playing by tears. Then simon stopped me. Oh no this is bad

Then Simon said "you've got four yeses your going to Bootcamp."

Yes I'm going to Bootcamp. I'm one step closer to my dream.

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