Just a fake smile

I was board so I decided to write this. No hate it's not real.

*actual blurb*
Hi I'm louis. You know me from 1d. I always smile but don't be fooled by it. Sometimes things aren't as they seem


3. chapter 2

The care home was awful. It was so dull. You couldn't decorate your room it was the same old white. You could try and cover up the walls with posters but it still seamed dull. You weren't fed properly.

There was also that horrible feeling when people came to adopt and you get all excited hoping they will be your future family but they end up leaving with someone else. You get so upset.

I was in the foster until five. That day I was adopted was the best day of my life. My family seemed so nice and as I got older I got four younger sisters.

Charlotte (Lottie)


Daisy and phoebe (twins)

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