She Looks So Perfect

She was abuse verbally, emotionally and the worst of all physically. And you might think just at school. No. Her family try every single different way they could to break her down, destroy her.But he came in right when she need him. And slowly hammered down every single brick on her wall. One day he shows up with a plane ticket and a diamond ring with her name on it but would she run away with him?


1. •~Save Me, I Need You~•

Diamond Fontaine's P.O.V.

"Di, get your uglyass down here now bitch!! God just die already!!!" He yelled. I sighed remembering last time this happened. A tear slipped down my cheek but I wiped it quickly and ran down the stairs. "Do you see this fucking mess?!" He yelled grabbing my hair, dragging it to the middle of the room and smashed at beer bottle against me. I yelped in pained. "What was that?? You wanna do that whole punishment last week again?!"he slurred. "N-no." I whispered. "Then shit the fuck up!" He yelled in my face. "Clean this fucking mess up!"


"I hate you!"I cried. "Well here's the thing I don't fucking care you useless bitch. Go fucking kill yourself already. No wait I'll do it here and now." He smirked evilly. My eyes widened as I see the knife in his hand and a gun. I tried to scream but it didn't work, we were in the basement. "Here's the rule ugly bitch no screaming or moving but aye you can't even do that I'm killing you today. Right now, right here. I gasped out loud of the pain of the silver razored knife when it touched my skin,puncturing it in. I tried my best not screaming and moving but it was really hard. After 10 painful minutes, I looked over to see that he was finally down doing what? Carving his fucking name in. My blood was dripping quickly and I knew just in a matter of minutes I'll be dead. "So bitch, since I'm such an amazing brother I'll just kill you now for the pain to go away." He once again smirked aiming for my wrist where he carved his name "Devon" psh more like fucking demon. I'm praying to god that he was going to aim for my head or cheat but no right there. The last thing I saw as blood gushed and dripped everywhere was him pulled the trigger and the bullet rushing into my wrist. "Thank god she's fucking gone annoying motherfucking ass bitch." I hear him say. And once he left, a blonde guy??? Rushed in and said, " Your good. I'm getting you out of here. Don't close your eyes." He said softly. I hear him whispering/singing. Then darkness came over quickly.

Luke Hemmings P.O.V.

Hey Calum, help me with this shit. It's heavy as hell!" I yelled. "Kay I'm coming up!" He yelled. I'm moving Diamonds new bed frame thing into the house and it's incredibly huge so me, her and my band are living together. I remember just the other day I saved a Diamond's life. She was bleeding to death and was in and out of consciousness, groggily asking for help but was nothin more than a whisper that no one could hear unless nearby. I was in this closet that was across from the basement, after seeing the guy left with a bloody knife in one hand and a gun in the other he probably left to his room. I ran to the basement seeing a beautiful girl that was bleeding to death literally, clutching one arm that was carved and shot. I took off my flannel shirt and wrapped in around her arm. "Your good. I'm getting you out of here. Don't close your eyes. "I whispered quietly. Then sang "she looks so perfect" quietly in her ear, carrying her bridal style. Her skin was horrifyingly pale. I ran to the closest hospital which was 5 mins away, and when I looked down her eyes were closed. She looked peaceful which was bad. God can't take her away to early, she looks like around my age probably 18. I busted the hospital door open, and yelled, "help! I need help! I found this girl and she's bleeding to death! Someone please help me!" I yelled and a nurse shot up from her chair and called a doctor. Dr. Sullivan came out with a gurney and told some nurses to help roll the gurney to a room. "She's going to be fine. Are you her boyfriend?" The nurse asked. "No I was checking out the neighborhood when I heard a scream and looked inside the window to see a guy dragging her by her hair into what looked like a basement. And I sneak in, after about 15 mins the boy came out with a bloody knife in his left hand and a gun in the other arm. I can hear her whispering help, it's her voice was like she wanted to live but it was sad and something that can basically feel like your heart is breaking apart. So I went to carry her body to here as fast as I can, she was dying so I had to help her. Her hand was bleeding quickly and she was in and out of consciousness."I said and sighed heavily. "Well you did a great job boy. She owes you her life. But I need to call the police, would you mind waiting for 10-20 mins for the police to come and question you? It's just this boy sound horrible and I feel like he should be locked away." She said. "That no problem I thinking the same thing too." I replied. She smiled and said, "She really does owe you her life. If I was her, I would be grateful but don't worry she'll be okay." I just smiled as a reply and sat down. "Anyone here for Diamond Fontaine?" Dr. Sullivan said. Is that her name? No one stood up so it must be her. "I am. " I say. "And who are you?" She asks. The nurse gave me a quick look with a smile. "I'm her boyfriend ma'am" I replied. She motioned a gesture to follow her and I did. "Let me tell you this first..." She said. "Luke" I said. "Luke. Diamonds in a fragile stage right now and don't scare her or anything approach her slowly and softly. She's awake so you may go in. If you need anything there's a button near the light-switch and with that I'll be there in 2 seconds. Also my office is right there. Only two rooms down if it's an emergency or you have a question. Kay?" She asked. "Yes ma'am". I said. She walked off and I opened the door. And saw the beautiful girl I rescued lying on the bed being so pale. She tilted her head confused of probably who I am. "Who are you?" She asked softly. "I'm the one who saved you." You could have left me there to die." She whispered. "I would never let beautiful girl like you just die there. Are you okay?" I asked her sitting on the chair next to her bed. She looked at me and said, "My arm's kind of numb. But at least it doesn't hurt right now. So what's your name?" She asked. "Oh yeah I'm Luke Hemmings and I'm in a band 5sos." I said confidently. "Oh I know you guys. I love your songs." She says. "Who's your favorite singer?" I asked her. "Umm.. Well.. You. "She says looking down, blushing. I chuckled softly. "If you wanna see the boys were moving in like kind of near your neighborhood like a couple more houses down from your street so on Crystal Way." I replied. "I don't wanna go back Luke. I tried escaping from my family but every time I did, I come out from the basement crawling kind of like today but better." She said shaking. "We have a HUGE house you can move in. "I said. She looked at me for awhile thinking, her face unsure. "We're not creeps or anything, don't worry I'll be there to protect you." I smiled. "I guess." She blushed. "When am I getting released?" She asked. I am said hold on and ran down Dr. Sullivan's office and knocked. "Come in." She said. "Hi, but like can I know when Diamond gets released?" I asked. "Oh she getting released in a couple hours actually were just waiting for the police to come and ask you and her a couple questions. Then she's ready to go." She said with a smile. "Okay thank you. " I said and she nodded getting back to her paperwork and I just left. I ran back to Diamonds room and she was just sitting there. "She said in a couple hours. Like after we answer a couple questions when the police comes." I said. "You don't know how Long I've been waiting for this day Luke. For them to finally getting locked up." She said with a sigh.

***after a couple hours***

"So here's my house. " I said. She looked at it with amazement. I did to when I just got here. I led her upstairs and gave her a room next to mine. "So we can go shopping for everything tmrw. Like clothes, paint, decorations an whatever you wanna buy." I said with a smile. She looked at me shocked and said, "I don't have any money tho Luke. "She looked down sadly. "Hey I'm in a band. I don't care.

***the days ending***

***also this is near the ending for the flashback so it's so long.***

Luke's P.O.V. (Still)

I laid on my bed and thought of her. She's beautiful. She didn't meet the my band mates yet since we got home like at 12 pm. They were all in their beds. So I told Diamond I'll introduce her tmrw. She said fine and skipped to her room. She's so adorable and beautifully gorgeous. Huh. I just feel like maybe I kinda like her. It's 2 in the morning and I can't sleep, just the thought of her makes me happy.

Diamond's P.O.V.

I can't believe how generous Luke is. After all I've been through I guess maybe I deserve this but I'm scared of their fans. I'm scared that they'll hate me and think I'm like a gold digger or slut or something. They'll think I'm using Luke, wait whaaaat? I'm not even dating him. I don't have to worry about that... Yeah I do.. I kind of like him. It's cute that he thinks he's a penguin. It's 2 in the morning and I still can't sleep. I hear footsteps and then saw someone open my door. "Diamond?" "Yes Luke?" "Are you comfy? Do you need anything?" He asks. "No but thanks Luke " I said. "Ohh... Okay. Let me know if you do." He said slightly disappointed. "Wait.. Can you lay with me?" I asks and his whole face just lights up. "Sure." He says. I scoot over a bit and feel the bed sinks down a bit and he turns to me and puts his arm around my waist as I put my head in his chest. I felt so safe and just great. And then I realized how tired I was. "Goodnight Hemmings." I whisper. "Night Fontaine." He says and kisses my forehead. This feel amazing. I've had the best sleep ever. He saved me and I needed him too.

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