Brooklyn Baby

Blaire's sophomore-year school trip to Seattle promised to be a waste of money and time. Atleast until Blaire's class takes the wrong plane, to New York. Blaire discovers that not only Brooklyn yet to be discovered, but so is a gorgeous mystery man that she meets in a coffee shop.

1. Day 1

"This is the last time I'm gonna tell you," I heard my mom say. Her voice rang through my head, as I slowly woke from my dream. Then, my slow thoughts jolted bright and awake as ice-cold water drenched me and my pillow.

I scrambled up, and landed on my stomach on the floor beside my wet bed.

"Wake up." my mother said sternly. I watched her walk out of my room, watching her flats clicking the ground. Through my eyelashes, i stared at my door frame, and pretended not to see my older brother enter my room.

"Ya' ready?" he said. I groaned in response. "Sucks for you, 'cause either way you're goin' on this trip. Don't worry, there's not many attractive people there, so you won't be embarrassed of your face."

"Screw you. That made no sense." I retaliated.

"Yeah it did."

"Get out of my room, you dick." I stood up, and yanked him off of my bed, and shoved him out the door. He and I stood on opposite sides of the door frame, looking at eachother.

"F-ck you." He mouthed, smiling obnoxiously. I flipped him off in return.


"Makeup on point!" my best friend, Caroline, said.

"Hey to you too." I replied. My voice was scratchy and sarcastic.

"Well, Jesus Christ, Blaire. Tried to give you a compliment, but I guess not." She started to walk away from me, and I grabbed her wrist and turned her back around to face me.

"Hey sorry. I had a crap morning and I'm really pissed."

"Its okay. I get it, I know your family."

"Yeah. Thanks Cara."

She held my hand, and led me to a row of chairs, and we sat in two open seats. The area smelt like over-done Axe and fruity perfumes. There were teenagers everywhere. The guys in pajamas, the girls in leggings and sweats. Pillows, blankets, headphones, and phones were in the hands of everyone.

Minutes later, a voice way-too-preppy-for-six-in-the-morning called over the PA system: "Group boarding for flight B216 will commence now.

"MCKIBLEY SOPHOMORES PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO BOARD." our history teacher, Mr. Rellin hollered over the class' loud rambling and gossiping.

Then, seemingly all in a wave, seventy-five sixteen year olds shuffled into the hallway leading to the plane.

"Window seat!"


"Out of my way!"

Yelling filled the plane as we all called out seats, and found out comfort. The plane was soon filled with travelers besides us, and the flight attendants directed us as to what we were to do in the case of an emergency. My lack of sleep caused me to not realize any of this was occuring, and I only became aware of it after take off. Cara sat beside me, in a middle seat. She reached over me to open the window cover. Her voice was quiet, despite the yelling surrounding us. "I could definitely get used to this view." she whispered. 

And I couldn't have agreed more.

It had been raining almost non-stop for the past few days, and from above the clouds, as the rain started to slow to a drizzle, the sun peeked through the clouds, allowing light to pour onto the soggy streets and muddy farms.

Cara looked at my face, staring at the bags beneath my eyes. "Go to sleep, Blaire." she smiled at me, handing me my pillow. I blew her a kiss, and laughed silently. I placed my pillow on the plane wall, beside the window, and fell asleep looking at the raindrops that were still covering the windows.


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