Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


13. Chapter 12


*1 month later*

Kate and I sat on Lukes couch just talking. talking about how Luke and i still aren't together. We act like we are and he kisses me before i leave but he hasn't asked me yet. we talked for awhile until there was a knock on the door. I look up to see Luke and Calum trailing behind him. Luke bent down and kiss me lightly before grabbing my hand. I stood up and he hugged me. 

"You girls wanna go to Starbucks for breakfast?" Luke asked and i looked up with a smile. I quickly turned to Kate who was already looking at me.

"YES!" We both yelled.

"But i need a shower." I said as Calum and kate walked out hand in hand. 

"Wanna take one together?" He asked, I bit my lip. He already saw me naked. I nodded before taking his hand as he pulled me into the bathroom. I slowly stripped with him doing the same. He turned the hot water on then turned to me.

"Will be my girlfriend?" He asked as he grabbed my naked waist. I smiled before nodding. I had to forget Harry. You heard his words. "Move on." That's what i'm doing. He kissed me before pulling me into the shower with him. Luke washed my hair gently which felt really good. The best part of this shower was that he didn't try to do anything. Yes we kissed but nothing else. When we were done we both got out and Luke grabbed us both towels. When we got to his room he locked his door before we both got dressed. I changed into leggings and my 'drug rug'. I left my hair down and wet as we walked out of his room, meeting cal and kate in the living room. 

"Ready?" Cal asked making me nod. I want, no, I need Starbucks. We took lukes car then we finally arrived to starbucks and Luke jogged to my side of the car before opening my door and lending a hand. I smiled before grabbing his hand. He is so sweet. Before i knew it we were inside at the desk.

"What do you want babe?" Luke asked. Let me just say when he calls me babe i get tingles everywhere. 

"Uh can i get a mocha frappe?" I asked and he nodded. After we got our drinks we went and sat with kate and Cal  who already had their drinks in hand. To tell you the truth i miss Louis, he's literally all i can think about. Everyone talked but me? I was lost in my thoughts. 

"What's wrong?" Kate asked as she grabbed my hand from across the table. 

"Just thinking about Lou." I sighed. Luke smiled lightly before engulfing me in a side hug. Kate's phone then starts to ring and she quickly looked to me before looking back at who it was. She stood up before quickly walking to what im guessing is the bathroom.


Shit, shit, shit. It's Louis. I know i should of just stayed there but i just have this feeling. I answered it before hearing his voice bright and loud over the phone.

"Where the hell are you?" He asked in a sassy tone that made me roll my eyes.

"Starbucks why?"

"Well lets see, I went to our house and mum said that you both were at your house. So i went to your house and your mum said you both were at my house, so where are you guys?" 

"Fuck Lou did you tell my mum i wasn't at your house?" I asked scared that my mum would find out.

"No but seriously where were you guys?" 

"Louis we're are at Starbucks." 

"I'm on my way there." 

"Wait what?" He's home. No! He can't know about Lux and Luke or about Calum and I. But worst of all Lux can't know Harry's back.

"We got a break so we're are home for 3 days." He said before he hung up. I'm freaking out. Harry can't be back. Lux is finally acting normal. I walked out of the bathroom and before i got to the table the door opened to reveal Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry. I stiffened as she looks over to see them. Luke look backs and quickly stands as he sees Luke holding hands with Lux. I run over before hugging him.

"L-louis?" Lux stuttered as tears came to her eyes. She dropped Lukes hand then runs to him. Luke looks at me wide eyed. 

"What are you doing here?" Lux asks but Louis kept his eyes locked with Lukes.

"Break." He replied. Lux looked up and then noticed the eye contact. She left Louis side and went to Luke before locking hands with his. I did the same to Calum. 


'What the fuck?!" Louis yelled as he pointed to our intertwined fingers. 

"Lou i can explain. You see after you left i was so upset that i went to a party, where Luke and i really got to know each other and now, well, we're together." I looked to Harry and his eyes locked with mine only for me to break it. 

"I don't approve." He said clenching his teeth tightly together. I've had it. Does he really think he can come back that easily. He hasn't even called me once since he left. But now that he knows about me and Luke he's going to act like he cares all of a sudden.

"I don't care Lou. You haven't called of even texted me since you left! You don't care what i do as long as it's not with him! And maybe it was you 'girlfriend' that was the slut, not him!" I yelled as tears came out. I let go of Luke before running out of starbucks.

"Babe wait!" Luke yelled. I turned to see Kate, Calum, Louis, Luke and lastly Harry running after me. I was to slow and Louis reached me, spinning me towards him. Luke Kate and Calum stood off to the side.

"Let go of me." I spatted.

"No talk to me!" I'm gonna blow.

"Now you want me to talk to you?! Well if you must know everything and want me to talk fine! I haven't been the same since you left. Harry ripped my fucking heart out and Luke, he fixed it. So just stop treating me like a baby and making it seem like you care because obviously you don't!" Louis's face relaxed and turned softer and Harry just looked at the ground. 

"Lux i'll always care you're still my baby sister."

"See what i mean! I'm not a baby anymore Lou! Just stop caring about what i do and who i'm with, if you can trust harry, then damn you should fucking trust Luke." 

"No Lux! Listen to me! You can't be with this, this, this arsehole!" Luke's the arsehole? Really because last time i checked Harry fucked me up more then Luke did. Lou grabbed my hand before pulling me with him. I ripped my hand from his grip then ran and grabbed Lukes.

"Lux now!" Louis yelled.

"No! I'm not i kid anymore! You can't tell me to do shit!" 

"Last time i checked you are!" He returned.

"No i'm not! I drive, I smoke, I drink, I have a job, and i'm not a fucking virgin anymore!" I fumed out. Louis looks at me his lips lighty parted. I looked past him to Harry who still had his eyes on the ground. Luke looks down at me with a small smile. I turned around before pulling Luke with me Kate and Cal followed by our side.

"Lux?" I turned to see Louis.

"It's your life. I'm sorry." He said with a slight smile. I smiled back before running and hugging him. 

"He's not bad Lou." 

"I trust him." He replied. I looked to Harry but it broke my heart. The feelings are still there. The feelings i dont want, dont need, and cant stand. 

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