Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


12. Chapter 11




He bit his lip as i walked over to him, standing in between his legs. His hand grabbed my waist before pulling me on the bed. I let out a shriek as he crawls on top of me. He starts kissing my neck as memories of Harry and me that night after the party flooded to my brain. I pushed the thoughts out and tried to focus on luke. I succeeded when he spoke three words that made my stomach do flips.

"I want you."


I bit my lip at his words. I'm a virgin thats what scares me the most. A lot of people say it hurts and its not enjoyable the first time. So why dont i just get it over with. Luke stared into my eyes waiting for my response. I smile as i look at his beautiful face and i lean up to his ear.

"Then take me." I watch as he bit his lip as his head lowers to my neck, kissing it. His hand traveled down to my waist. Should i tell him that i'm virgin. What if he reacts the way harry did? Before i could stop myself i blurted it out.

"I'm a virgin." I say not meeting his eyes. He laughed a little before pulling my face by the chin so he could look into my eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He replied making me bit my lip.

"I'm positive." I said as i giggle a little his lips are now on me as he whispered words in between kisses.

"I'll. Be. Gentle." I smiled as he moved to my neck. He sits up and pulls his shirt that i was wearing off of me. He looked down at my victoria secrets bra and matching thong. If i wasn't drunk i'd probably be blushing. He crawled back top as he kissed down to my chest. A moan fell from my lips as he started to grip my breast. Next thing i know is my bras on the floor. He started to leave a trail of wet kisses down to my underwear line. 

"I'm gonna warm you up first okay?" He asked with a smirk on his face. I said yes and he pulled my panties down. He spread my thighs before looking at my center. His hand starts at my knees and go all the way down to my area. His finger teased my entrance before putting it in slowly as i groaned. His pace went faster every minutes. I could feel the heat in my stomach.

"Luke i'm gonna c-" Before i could finish his finger slipped out making me moan. I looked at him who had a smile on his face. He took his boxers off exposing his bulge. His face comes back up to mine before kissing me hard. He pulls something out of the drawer next to us then sat up. When he was done he looked back to me.

"Are you sure?" He asked and i nodded. He kissed me before lining up and thrusting into me. I slight whimper escaped my lips. I hurt so fucking bad. His motion was slow making me whimper more. I pulled him close to me wrapping my arms around his neck. His motion picked up making e whimper louder against his neck. 

"I'm so sorry baby." He said against my ear. I nodded not being able to find words.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked and i shook my head. His speed increased and as more speed there was the less it hurt. It wasn't pleasure but it didn't hurt as much. His thrusts became deeper making me moan. Now it was pleasure.

"Luke." I moaned louder. One of my hands were on his back, scratching him and the other was in his hair. His lips made contact with mine again as we both groaned from the pleasure washing over us.

"Luke i'm there." I screamed.

"Sh babe wait for me i'm almost there."  He whispered into my ear. One more thrust made us both finish.

"Fuck." Luke muttered as he dropped next to me. I couldn't move i felt numb. Luke got up and threw something into the trash can before putting his boxers on. he smiled lightly as my bare chest rose fast. He slid my panties up for me then sat me up to put his shirt back on me. He lied next to me before pulling me on top of him. 

"I'm sorry it hurt so much baby." He pouted and i shook my head.

"Dont be sorry." I smiled against his chest. His lips kissed my forehead and for once i felt happy. Was this a one night stand thing? I sat up really quickly making my lower region hurt.

"what's wrong?" He asked sitting up.

"Was this just a one time thing or do you actually have feelings for me?" I asked as tears spilled from my eyes. This is why i hate drinking. I cry for no reason. 

"Oh course not babe i actually like you." He said as he rubbed my back.

"Why would you even think that?" He asked.

"I j-just need t-t-to know." I stuttered from crying. His thumb wipes under my eyes to catch the fallen tears.

"I like you, a lot actually." He said as he lied back down pulling me with him. I cuddled his chest as he played with my hair. 

"Get some sleep babe okay? You can hang out here tomorrow." Earning a nod from me as i slowly drifted asleep.



The sunlight shined through my curtains making me wake up. I looked over and saw Lux. She looked beautiful even in this state. I stared at her as i see her eyes flutter a little. When her eyes met mine she smiled. 

"Morning." she said in a cute morning voice. 

"Morning beautiful." I replied making her get closer to me. She then sat up but i brought my arm around her stopping her.

"Luke i have to pee." 

"Too bad i want to cuddle." I said as i closed my eyes. I felt her struggle against my grasp so finally i let her up. A minute later she returned. I bit my lip as she walked out of the bathroom in a thing and my tee shirt. 

"Stop it." She laughed before lying back down.

"What?" I asked with a smirk.

"Staring." She giggled as her face blushed making me laugh. 

"What about a movie day with Kate and maybe Calum?" I asked changing the subject. 

"Oh my good what if they... you know...what we did?!" She yelled with a smile before getting up and running to Calums room. I got out of bed and say a note on the night stand next to my bed.

hey Luke, We saw you cuddling and didn't want to bother you. but ashton and I left to go to work we will be back after our shifts.

P.S. If Calum fucked my sister don't tell me.

                            LOVE MIKEYYY

I laughed as i saw Lux standing at the door. I walked over to her and she flung the door open to reveal Calum in boxers and Kate in her bra and underwear.

"You slut!" She yelled making both of them wake up. Calum looked for her to me then smirked. Kate and Lux left the room and went to mine while i went into Calums.

"Did you pull?" I asked and he nodded.

"She was the best man. Don't tell mikey but i really like her." Calum said making me awe.

"What about you?" He asked and i nodded.

"She was a virgin, and i really like her too man." 

"A virgin?!" He yelled making me laugh.

"Yeah but get this after we did it she started to cry and asked me if i hand feelings for her." Whoever her ex is probably put her through hell."



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