My Hetalia OC Characters

Just a collection of my Hetalia OC characters...I made up EVERYTHING about these characters, tough there might be a wiki that says differently, but these are MY versions of them.


1. North Carolina

The State of North CarolinaHuman Name: Charles Ackerman
Capital: Raleigh
Languages: English, Spanish
State Song: The Old North State
State Motto: Esse quam videri (Latin) "To be, rather than to seem" (official)
Flower: Flowering Dogwood
Birthday: November 21st
Age: 22 (physical appearance)
Height: 4'9" (144.78 centimeters)

Was first settled by the the Chowanoke, Roanoke, Pamlico, Machapunga, Coree, Cape Fear Indians, Meherrin, Cherokee Tuscarora, Cheraw, Waxhaw, Saponi, Waccamaw, and Catawba tribes. Then was colonized by Spain in 1567. Became a member of the English Thirteen Colonies in 1653 and became known as Carolina (both he and his sister were apart of it). Divided from Carolina and became North Carolina in 1712, and then was promoted to a royal colony in 1719. Was the first to shed light to the Revolutionary War, taking up arms against Britain, but did not officially join the American Revolution until a month after the war started. Became a state of America on November 21, 1789. Was the last state to secede from the Union in the Civil War on May 20, 1861, and was readmitted to the United States on July 4, 1868.

Serious, hardworking, reserved, honest, courageous, a closet redneck, dependable, clever, a bit easygoing, well mannered, organized, extremely loyal to those he cares about, an outdoorsman

Family: South Carolina (older sister)

RelationshipsSouth Carolina - North Carolina's elder sister. The two are polar opposites. Many mistake North Carolina as the elder brother, for he is much more serious than his silly, cheerful sister, but South Carolina is in fact older than her brother. North Carolina does seem to be quite annoyed about his sister, not liking how she acts, but he still deeply cares about her.

America - North Carolina is quite annoyed by America's obnoxiousness, while the latter thinks that North Carolina should be more laid back. North Carolina thinks that America should grow up - you know, be more sensible and serious. The American is, of course, the representative of the third largest country in the world. But America never listens to North Carolina. Thus, the two don't get along.

England - Despite their scuffle during the American Revolutionary War, North Carolina and England seem to be warming up to each other again. Before the revolution, England took care of North Carolina and his sister very well, for they were both royal colonies. Now, North Carolina doesn't see why he should still hate England, and started reaching out to him again. The North Carolinian, in fact, looked up to England like a father. And England is proud that he stuck to the gentlemanly ways that the Englishman taught to North Carolina.

Spain - North Carolina met Spain while the Spaniard was exploring his - not yet named - state. The two interacted with eachother - thus the reason why North Carolina knows Spanish. However, England decided to step in, and he separated the two from each other. North Carolina watched as Spain and England fought over him, and eventually England prevailed.

Virginia - Virginia is North Carolina's neighbor. The two get along well, due to the two having similar personalities. Some other states tease North Carolina, saying that he "likes" Virginia. North Carolina, of course, denies it or just ignores them. The two states also share the Appalachian Mountains.

Tennessee - Another one of North Carolina's neighbors. The two share tourist attractions, and they get along rather well. However, the two don't regularly meet each other. These two states also share the Great Smoky Mountains.

Georgia - Georgia is another neighbor of North Carolina, who was introduced to her by South Carolina. However, these two states almost never see each other, so it is inconclusive about how their relationship is.

Character Quirks
North Carolina used to be a cheerful lad, a lot like South Carolina. However, he started adopting a serious composure during the American Revolution. However, even then, he still had some of his old self in him. Until the American Civil War came along. That war struck out nearly all of the North Carolinian's former self, and now that cheerful, carefreeness is almost nonexistent. Despite this, North Carolina seems to be a closet redneck, and has a passion for his state sports; NASCAR, football, basketball, and hockey.


North Carolina's nicknames are the "Old North State" (Old North) and the "Tar Heel State" (Tar Heel). The North Carolinian doesn't like his first nickname, for he does not believe he is that old. However, the latter nickname is the one that North Carolina seems to like more, yet he shows annoyance to be called by the nickname from those who aren't his friends or biological family. His other nicknames are NC, North, and - only used in a rude or teasing way - redneck.


North Carolina's economy used to flourish in the past, but nowadays the North Carolinian is worried about his state, for over 15.2% of his people are living in poverty, making him the 12th state with the most poverty in the United States. Since then, North Carolina has been very careful on what to spend his money on.


North Carolina was once very close friends with Dale Earnhardt. The two were even best friends. When Dale died in the 2001 Daytona 500, the North Carolinian was distraught. He just lost one of his closest and only friends. But a light came out of this. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. gained the interest of North Carolina. He saw his father's spirit in the young lad, and now the North Carolinian is proud that Dale Junior is following his father's footsteps.


English and Spanish are his main languages, but he does know a bit of French and German. North Carolina is also a Christian, but is very welcoming to other religions, and he also is bisexual - due to his legalization of same-sex marriage on October 10, 2014.


Design NotesName - Charles (An English name, originally derived from Germanic origin, which stands for a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow men, and the desire to help others) Ackerman (Surname derived from English origin, meaning "Farmer" or "Plowman". This shows the history of farming in North Carolina's state in the past, when he was a province)

Eyes and hair - Sea green eyes, derived from North Carolina's English influence, and from the fact that America has blue eyes. Basically, North Carolina's eyes are a splash of England's forest green eyes, mixed with America's bright blue eyes. It is a beautiful combination; however, his eye color is a bit darker than his sister's, South Carolina's, eyes.

North Carolina's dark brown hair is normally kept short, and is well groomed, yet tends to look a bit messy somehow. There is also a strange lock of hair that starts from the top-front of his hair, and swings over to the side. Whether this lock of hair is erogeneous or not is unknown.

Scars - North Carolina has many scars from past conflicts and wars, but the only scar that can be seen is one that starts from the right side of his forehead, then crosses diagonally over his face, and ends at the middle of his left cheek. No one knows how he got the scar. And North never plans on telling, and is reluctant to talk about it.

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