Live When The Moment Comes

All of the boys are having a rough time, wishing not to be in the band anymore, and be scrutinised everywhere they go, until a special person comes into all of the boys' lives. Will they be able to change in time?


1. Wishing, Wanting

"Niall, come down now! The rest of the boys are in the lobby waiting for you! We need to go." One of the security guards banged at my door. I used to know all of their names, but now, I just wasn't bothered. They never seemed to remember my name, so why bother?

I used to love life, I used to love the fame, and the paparazzi. They made me feel wanted, until the countless numbers of rumours started to appear on the front covers of magazines. I was a naive person back then, back when the fame only just started. I bathed in the success, I was living my dream. How many people got that lucky?

"Coming..." I sighed, wishing for him to just leave. I just needed to zip one more suitcase, and I didn't need any more distractions. Finally, I could hear his footsteps leave, leaving only an echo from the floorboards.

I zipped up my suitcase, tucked in a piece of paper into my pocket, and left the room to go down to the lobby. There, I saw the boys and a ton of security guards. 

Great, just this last time. Hopefully. We were all pushed and shoved by crazed Directioners, always wanting to touch our hair, clothes, bags, and most "importantly", our hands. Why? I always told them that we were just normal lads, living in extraordinary circumstances. This is fame for you, Niall. Get used to it. 

The rest of the trip was boring, as usual. I didn't bother to go on Twitter or Facebook to update where we were going now. I listlessly stared out of the car window, which was being pelted at with wind and rain, and wondered how many more hours until we got to wherever we were going.

I found out soon enough...

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