Live When The Moment Comes

All of the boys are having a rough time, wishing not to be in the band anymore, and be scrutinised everywhere they go, until a special person comes into all of the boys' lives. Will they be able to change in time?


7. My Motto For Life

I sleepily lolled around on my bed, and slowly squinted open my eyes. The sun glared through the windows and down onto me, and the two boys on either side of me. It was only 8am. Why was I awake? 

I wish I could rewind time, back to when I was a teenager in high school. I wish I didn't have the dream of being a worldwide singer, it was such a naive dream. I guess I'll have to live with it now. The pressures, the fame, the paparazzi, the rules, rules, rules.

Zayn's POV

I met this lovely girl, her name was Perrie Edwards, I think? I know her first name is Perrie! We met in a random Subway store (none of this is factual aha apart from the beautiful Perrie!) and I just felt that we instantly... clicked. She was like my missing jigsaw piece, my missing part of me, the part that I never had until now. 

She's so fun and outgoing, I never knew she would be the one to bring out the other side of me! I didn't even know I had it. 

~~6 months later~~ 

Well, I proposed to Perrie, and she agreed! I gave her the ring, it was a beautiful, big diamond ring. It was costly, but so worth it when I saw her bright face light up. It was like seeing a puppy who was once sad, turn back to life! Clearly one of the best days in my life's history.


Niall's POV

They got engaged, finally. I love Perrie, she is an amazing sweetheart. A great friend to have to cheer you up when you're down. She's the star in my friendly night sky, she completes me as a best friend. Glad she got someone she deserves to be with for the rest of her life.

Once Zayn and Perrie were boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone got to go on a huge holiday break. I went back home to my family, who apologised for the pressure they put on me for so long. They already knew it was too late, the damage was already done, but I was grateful for the apology anyway, no matter how late it was.

Ever since Perrie came into our lives (the boys and I), we've all become closer together as a band, but ultimately, as a family. Perrie taught us how to Live When The Moment Comes, and not to look back and reflect on our flaws and mistakes made from the past.

She taught us how to smile at everything, and see the positive, no matter how negative the dark side seems to be. Because once you have one positive, it will always outweigh the negatives, no matter how many there seem to be. Our minds just seem to work that way. We accept the negatives, because we have no positive to hang on to.

Now, all of us have revealed our true colours, and our true thoughts. We were all really surprised, but now, we're more honest than ever. To each other, to our families, and most of all, to our fans. 

They all know the real us, the real us that we didn't show because we were all too afraid of crashing and burning. We were all too afraid of losing what we love the most. And yes, I DO love singing. I always have, but I've never realised it until now. 

Live When The Moment Comes. My motto for life. 

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