Live When The Moment Comes

All of the boys are having a rough time, wishing not to be in the band anymore, and be scrutinised everywhere they go, until a special person comes into all of the boys' lives. Will they be able to change in time?


5. Criticism

Niall's POV

I'm awake again. I fell asleep yesterday as soon as I entered our hotel room. I didn't even bother to get changed, and so the clothes from yesterday are crinkled and I smell. I go and take a shower and get changed, and then head downstairs to the buffet room to eat a small breakfast. For the past few days when I've been feeling this... low, I didn't want to eat breakfast, and today is now no exception. but I eat anyway.

I then head on down to the magazine store just down the street, and buy myself a magazine on us that was published right after the show. I pay for it, and then go back to my hotel room. Luckily, I don't share a room with the rest of the boys, but instead, we all have our separate rooms. I think we're all too messy to bunk together like we did in the X Factor days.

I open to the page where it's all about me, and read what the photographers and paparazzi at the show yesterday said about me. Of course, I was opening myself up to more criticism, but I'd rather know what people think of me, than not know and be kept in the dark, until something happens that makes me realise, and therefore, paint myself as a fool. 

"Niall Horan yesterday on stage was seen looking unhappy. Is he hating the job now? Or does he not like the fans anymore?" That was the headline. Very long one, might I add.

"He didn't put a lot of energy into performing the boys' songs, and it was clearly heard when he had to sing his solo lines. His voice was dull and not chirpy like it usually is. What's bothering him so much so that he can't do his job properly? 

The fans, however, seemed to love it. From our point of view, we couldn't see any concerned Directioners, worrying over Niall. Maybe it's just us, but we'd like to know what you think. Go to www............"

I didn't even bother to read on. I look at the pictures, and I saw one where I was jumping in the air at the Up All Night tour. The caption underneath it read,

"Niall looked so happy during that concert! What's wrong now, NIall?"

Another picture showed me performing my solo lines during Better Than Words.

"Look at his facial expression, he doesn't look all too happy. And neither did he sound cheerful when he sung them."

And it was true. Better make a better impression next time, Niall. 

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