The Truth About Life ||C.F ||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

||***********************************ON HOLD**************************************||
It all started with the girl who gave up and the boy who fell in love.
|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


1. Introducing Characters

- Amy -


I'm Amy. I'm 18 years old. I don't like anyone... no one likes me. That's how the world works. *shrugs* there isn't much more to say. Here's a pic of me... (pretend the girl has boobs -_- ) 

- Connor -

Hey, I'm Connor. I'm 21. Uh. I have a YouTube channel. I'm really hyper and outgoing. Yeah. Here is mee.

- Kian - 

Hey, I'm Kian! I have a YouTube channel and I'm on a collab channel called Our 2nd Life. I'm 18. I'm really weird and annoying, so I'm told. Yeah. Here is my face, beautiful people. 


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