The Truth About Life ||C.F ||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

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It all started with the girl who gave up and the boy who fell in love.
|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


3. Chapter Two

The Truth About Life

Chapter Two


- Kian -

(Two days after letter was sent)

“Kian!! Looks like someone sent you some fanmail!" I hear one of the other boys yell. I come downstairs and take the letter. I raise an eyebrow. How did she know I'm going to Stanford? I roll my eyes and ignore that fact. I run back upstairs to my room. I open the letter and read it. 

Okay, let's get this straight,  I'm an 18 year old girl who has given up on love. I have no friends. No family. I'm alone. I'm fine with that. 

Well maybe I'm not. But, really, who wants to be alone. I'm starting college in a few weeks and an old teacher suggested I try to get to know a person going to my college. Maybe that will make you not so freaked out that a random girl has your address. 

I guess I should tell you more than I'm 18. My name is Amy, I'm 18, I'm shy, I have good grades (A's, some B's), and I'm fairly anti-social. I spend most of my time reading or journaling. I still sleep with a stuffed animal (don't make fun). 

Yeah, that's me. Hopefully you aren't so freaked out by this that you'll write back. 


Amy <3


I read the letter over again. After I do, I throw my head back, thinking of what to do. 

I grab a paper and pen off my desk and start writing. 

Dear, Amy

My name is Kian. I am, too, 18. I don't have very many friends either, but the ones I do have are the only ones I would want. If you would like to contact me in any faster way, my phone number is (916)925-3252. 

See you later,



I grab an envelope from my desk drawer and copy the address on the back. I walk downstairs and outside to put it in the mail.

I can already tell this girl is not going to be easy to be friends with...

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