The Truth About Life ||C.F ||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

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It all started with the girl who gave up and the boy who fell in love.
|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


4. Chapter Three

The Truth About Life

Chapter Three


- Amy -

Maybe I should write back. Should I? What would I say? Should I just text him? Maybe I should -

I was pulled out of my thoughts by my mom yelling, “Dinner's ready!!!!"

“Coming!" I yell, opening my bedroom door and turning of my lights. 

I guess my family was normal. Other then the fact that my dad walked out on us after my younger brothers were born. 

There are 6 people in my family. My older brother, my twin sister and I, and my younger brother and sister. Oh and my mom. 

I sit down in my seat after serving my food. My mom made meatloaf. I know, it sounds disgusting, but it's amazzzzing.

I eat my food quickly and excuse myself to go upstairs. 

This was a normal thing for me, I have a severe social anxiety disorder so even with my family I'm shy. 

I've gone months without talking to anyone, it's so bad. Meds help, but with four other siblings and one parent, meds are way to expensive. 

Once I get to my room I stare at the note. Kian. Oh Kian. 

I finally decide on calling him.

I dial the numbers in my phone, my hand shaking. I press call.

The phone rings a bit until someone picks up. “Hello, who is this?" A voice asks.

“Uh, h-hi. This is A-Amy" I say, stuttering. 

“Oh, hey, Amy," he says, I can almost hear the smile on his face.

“Hey. Whatcha doing?" He asks.

I sit down, “Uh, not much. You?" 

He chuckles, “You aren't the best at talking to people, are you? And I'm just hiding in the closet so my friends don't coo me for talking to a girl." 

Through the phone, I hear the door open and someone scream, “Ricky, JC! I found him!!" I hear a bit of shuffling and someone call in the phone, “Hey, my name is Connor. I'm Kian's best friend and I win over every girl he likes."

I blush and stutter, “O- O- Okay. I'm Amy."

He laughs. “Kian is almost crying in embarrassment, so I'lll hand the phone back, just keep on mind he falls fast and hard."  

There is more shuffling and Kian says, “Sorry about him. They like to mess around with me." 

“From the means of how much they like to tease you they are either biological brothers or you guys are such close friends that you are practically brothers."

“Second one." He laughs a bit.

“So, when will you be arriving on grounds?" 

“Uh, two days. You?" 

“I'll be there tomorrow. What room will you be in?"

I look at my information and read off, “East grounds 221 B Baker st."

“I'm in that room..." 

I smile, “Good it won't be a random stranger." 

Little did I know he is as random as it gets...

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