The Truth About Life ||C.F ||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

||***********************************ON HOLD**************************************||
It all started with the girl who gave up and the boy who fell in love.
|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


2. Chapter One

The Truth About Life

Chapter One


Amy -

Okay, let's get this straight,  I'm an 18 year old girl who has given up on love. I have no friends. No family. I'm alone. I'm fine with that. 

Well maybe I'm not. But, really, who wants to be alone. I'm starting college in a few weeks and an old teacher suggested I try to get to know a person going to my college. Maybe that will make you not so freaked out that a random girl has your address. 

I guess I should tell you more than I'm 18. My name is Amy, I'm 18, I'm shy, I have good grades (A's, some B's), and I'm fairly anti-social. I spend most of my time reading or journaling. I still sleep with a stuffed animal (don't make fun). 

Yeah, that's me. Hopefully you aren't so freaked out by this that you'll write back. 


Amy <3

I put the letter in a envelope. I write the address of the house. I also write on the front, “please give to boy going to Stanford University. Thanks :)" 

I walk downstairs and outside to put the letter in the mail.

After I come back in I go back to my room and pack more of my things. 

I was carrying a lot of my huge books so I started sweating. I close my door and roll up my sleeves. I avoid looking at my arms. I hate looking at my scars. They just remind me of every bad thing I went through. 

I finish packing all my decorations. I sigh as I look at all my walls. Everything was so plain. At Stanford I will be in an apartment building right next to the school building. It was pretty huge and a lot of people went there so, basically, the school has its own neighborhood. My parents have given me $15,000 for the first payment of the apartment. Hopefully, I can get a roommate at some point, so I'm not paying for everything. Probably not though...  

Most people already have friends there so they are probably sharing with them. One downside of living on grounds is that anyone can be put in the apartment with me. 

I sigh and lay down on my bed. I close my eyes and let sleep take over me. 





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