New student

When Darcy is forced to show around the new student Niall horan will they fall in love or will they just hate each other?.


1. New student?


My name is Darcy and I'm only 19 years young (: I go to collage and im a freshman in collage, a private collage that is because my dad is the one and only Justin Timberlake. And because of that I have to go to a private collage. I'm in my first period class wich is now chemistry and I'm bored out of my mind, when all of a sudden an administrater comes in.

Administrater: " hello I don't mean to interrupt but we have a new student and I just wanted to introduce him, his name is Niall horan."

Teacher: " ah yes i told my students that we would be having a new student thank you. Mr horan you can sit...... Let's see where can I put you? Oh right there next to Darcy. Darcy can you please raise your hand."

I  raise my hand following the teachers orders and Niall starts coming my way. I cant believe it I have been a one direction fan for a while now but how come the other bous aren't here? Well at least Niall is here and gets to sit next to me.

Teacher: " Darcy when this class is finished do you mind showing mr.horan around please?

Me: " yes um no problem."

The class continues and I write down some notes from what the teacher was teaching.then he dismisses the class.

Niall: " hey I guess this is the part where you show me around hu?"

Me: " yeah it's really not that big of a campus you know because of the whole celebrity private school." 

Niall:" yeah can I ask um how are you here? Like not to be rude but like how are you a celebrity?"

Me:" you never heard of the one and only daughter of Justin Timberlake?"

Niall:" no way that's you? Darcy Timberlake.? It's nice meeting you in person? I can't believe you were the one who passed out at that party and had to send a nude to your dad because of the truth or dare game we played!"

I laughed remembering the party I was invited to a couple months back by Liam Payne which turned out very embarrassing for me becaus elf the whole send a nude to your dad thing. I got grounded and my dad ended up changing his cellphone number haha.

Me: " yeah that was a fun night. But anyways lets get on with the tour, ok so here we have the cafeteria and you can get basically anything in here you just have to ask."I said with a big smile." and over here you have the gym and right here are the dorms, what room are you in?" I asked 

Niall: " I'm in room 67D, if yu don't mind can you show me to my dorm as well please?"

Me: " of course your room is only across from mine and it's up there." I said pointing to the top of the white building. "ok then let's go to your room." when we reached the top of floor we got out and I led him straight to his dorm and I went into mine.

Nialls pov:

Wow Darcy is really pretty and awfully nice too hopefully I can get to know her more and we can become more than just friends because  I think I might have found my princess. 


Its only 9:00 pm and I'm really bored maybe I should go ask Darcy and see if she wants to go out to eat at the cafeteria or something. But what if she says no? Yu. An do this Niall you are Niall horan. I finally get the Guits to go ask Darcy and I en my door and start heading to her dorm  I knock once and then twice and wait there patiently. She opens the door and she looks wonderful as always even though she is wearing sweats and has her hair in a messy bun.

Me: " hey Darcy I was just wondering if you would like to go eat something you know at the cafeteria. I didn't want to go alone since I'm new here and I was wondering if you would maybe like to go with me?" i said half lying to her

Darcy: hey um yeah of course let me just put a sweater on and my shoes and well go.

Me: ok just knock when you're ready." i aid heading back to my dorm. Yes she said yes ok now let's see where this goes. Only about a minute later she knocks and we go to the elevator trying to get to know each other more. We have a lot in common I like nandos she does too and are favorite colors are the same and wow I really like her...



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