Close As Strangers {Calum Hood}

Six weeks since I’ve been away, now you’re saying everything has changed, and I’m afraid that I might be losing you... {Credit to Michael's Kitten for the cover, LOVE YOU KATTT.} [Shoutout to Dani who we hope comes back soon]


5. July 16th

Dear Dani

Your phone made a weird noise before you hung up last night. Static, so I could barely here what you were saying. Sorry if it sounded like I was irresponsive. That was why. 

I'm sorry if I've been keeping you up by ringing you all the time. I just like hearing you talk. 

Anyways, the tour is finally headed off to Europe and we will no longer be in the same continent. 

It feels weird enough being in the same country as you without you there, don't know how I'd handle a different continent in general. 

Anyways, I forgot to tell you! We're kicking off another tour after this one to promote the album, aka the one I sent with this letter. I know you already heard all the songs, but I thought it would be fun for you to have your own signed copy filled with love from me and the boys. 

There's also a bunch of pictures I took for you for your wall of wonders. I hope you enjoy them. 

Living life,


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