What will happen when the worst thing in history Relapses?


2. Chapter One:

                “The bombs were so powerful; it took only 2 bombs to kill all the zombies in the United States! After that many survivors spread out across the states and took out the ones who survived with other weaponry, it was very hard work, they…” Mrs. Venderwall continued. “Psst” someone whispered while handing me a note. “God she is so annoying, Want to ditch next period?-Jackson” I smiled to myself and wrote back “For real, and yeah what are we going to do?” I handed it back to him.  After a couple minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned and took the note and it read “We are going to go on a walk” I blushed. I put the note in my back pocket and nodded to him in approval. The bell finally rang after 20 minutes of Venderwall blabbing her mouth about the apocalypse.  I grabbed my bag and walked out the door to find Jackson waiting for me by my locker. "Ready?” he asked as he leaned against my locker; the locker creaked as he leaned against it, it was older locker of course.
“Yeah” I smiled. He leaned off the locker and tripped over his untied shoelaces. “Dumbass” I added to the previous statement that was long gone. I realized I must have sounded like a complete idiot! Crap! He probably thinks I’m just a stupid little-… I stopped myself, don’t get ahead of myself he probably didn’t think anything of it.
“Are we gonna go? Anytime soon?” He wondered out loud, with a nervous smile.
We started to walk out then Valeria came up to us
“Where you guys going?” She asked
“Just skipping last period, so we can walk to the little park by Jane’s garden” Jackson answered.  “Have fun” she winked. “We will!” I yelled back to her, she turned and smiled. Jackson put his arm around me and I blushed “Awe, is Vanessa blushing?” he poked my cheeks. I laughed “No!” I exclaimed while pushing his arm off my shoulder. He kept smiling at me. We walked out the door and the cool wind brushed against my face.  I turned and saw him smirking at me “What?” I cocked my head; he just shook his head and laughed. We finally got to the park after 10 minutes of walking in awkward silence. I headed to my favorite swing and sat down while Jackson sat on the swing next to me “How are you doing?” I broke the silence. “I’m fine” he lied “tell me the truth, Jackson”  “It sucks…” he paused “I can’t do anything right. My dad, he’s never impressed. He acts like I’m mistake. He doesn’t care about me.” He sighs and looks to the ground. “I’m sorry…” before I could finish he cuts me off. “Don’t apologize, it isn’t your fault” he said. While standing up and holding out a hand for me to take I gave him a questioned look, but gave in and took his hand. His hand was warm and gentle. “You going to keep holding my hand, I was just helping you up” he smirked. I slapped his chest “You’re an ass” I groaned and turned to sit back down on the swing, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him whispered in my ear “I was kidding” I got chills at the way he said it. Our chests were touching at this point. He put his finger under my chin and brought my head up, so I was looking up at him.  He brought his lips closer to mine so they were almost touching, I could feel his hot breath against my lips. I could feel my face burning, I looked down at his lips then made eye contact and he gently put his lips on mine. I quickly pulled away and turned around but before I could run he grabbed my arm “Vanessa…” I pulled my arm out of his hold and grabbed my bag and started speed walking back to the school. “Vanessa!” He yelled. I just kept going. I finally get to the school to see Amie was already there to pick me up, so I hopped in. “What’s wrong Nessa? You look flushed” Amie asked. “Nothing, can we please go?” I asked annoyed, she nodded. I leaned my chair back and got more comfortable. I pulled out my phone and put my head phones in; my phone vibrates so I look down at the screen to see a text from Jackson saying “Vanessa, we need to talk” I just ignored it. I felt bad that I ran off, but I’ve liked him for a long time. We have been best friends since we were 2 years old and I just don’t want to risk our friendship because if we break up it will all come to an end, I don’t want to lose him. I raised my seat and took my head phones out “I’m sorry about earlier, it’s just something happened today and I don’t know how to react to it” I apologized. “Its okay, what happened?” She asked “Well Jackson and I skipped 7th period to walk to the park, and he kissed me, so I ran off without saying anything and then I got in the car” I sighed. “Oh Nessa, I thought you liked him?”She said confused. I sighed again “I know I do, but I don’t want to risk our friendship” “Vanessa, if you really like him take the chance, you might regret it one day” she smiled at me. I looked over to her and smiled “You really think so?” “Yes, you can invite him over so you guys can talk if you want?” She said. I nodded. “Thanks, Amie” I looked over to her. “Anytime” she smiled. I got my phone from my pocket and texted Jackson “Come over, we need to talk.” He quickly replied “Okay”.  We pulled up to my house. I popped open the door grabbed my bag and rushed up to my room.  I changed into some spandex and a loose tank top. I went downstairs and got a glass of milk and a brownie and headed back up to my room. I heard a knock on the door, so I opened up my door and heard my mom tell him that I am in my room.    

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